School of Performing Arts: Music Degrees

The department offers the following degrees in music:

A music minor is available for those who complete approximately two years of music study.

Checklist. Here is a composite checklist of degree requirements for all undergraduate music degrees.

Bachelor of Music (B.M.)

Suggested Course Sequence for Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degree.

The primary emphasis in this degree program is on the development of professional music skills. It is designed for students preparing for careers in performance and graduate study. Admission to this degree program will be based on the candidate's potential to develop high-level musicianship. The degree is offered with performance majors in voice, orchestra instruments and keyboard instruments.

Degree requirements include 46 credits in basic non-music courses, 44 credits in required music courses, 18 credits in applied music (including a senior recital), 12 credits in large ensembles and chamber music, and 8 credits of music electives. Piano proficiency is required for all degree candidates. Detailed requirements are contained in the ISU Undergraduate Catalog.

Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.)

Suggested Course Sequence for Bachelor of Music Education(B.M.E.) degree.

This degree is designed to prepare students for obtaining a teaching credential to teach secondary and elementary schools. Students graduating with this degree will be eligible for certification to teach K-12, vocal and instrumental music.

The degree requires completion of the General Education Goals, 57 credits in required music and music education courses, 14 credits in applied music and large ensembles, and 25-32 credits in education courses, including student teaching. Piano proficiency is required for all degree candidates. Detailed requirements are contained in the ISU Undergraduate Catalog.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Suggested Course Sequence for Bachelor of Arts or Science (B.A. or B.S.) degree.

These programs are appropriate for undergraduates who wish to major in music as part of a liberal arts program irrespective of specific career aspirations. It is appropriate for some prospective candidates for advanced degrees who are preparing to be musicologists, composers, music librarians, and private teachers. It serves individuals who seek a broad program of general education rather than intense specialization in the undergraduate years. The B.A. degree is a general music degree with additional electives in the arts and humanities. The B.S. degree emphasizes the study of music with additional electives in science and mathematics. Seventy credits of non-music courses are required for either degree. Detailed requirements are contained in the ISU Undergraduate Catalog.

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Suggested Course Sequence for Master of Music Education(M.M.E.) degree.

This degree is designed primarily to meet the needs of music education specialists who work in the public school system (grades K-12) or who aspire to further graduate study and teaching in music education. Detailed requirements are contained in the ISU Graduate Catalog.

Music Minor

The music minor requires 22 credits of music theory, music literature, applied music and large ensembles. Detailed requirements are contained in the ISU Undergraduate Catalog.

Transfer requirements – music minor:

Some transfer students may have a significant number of existing credits in music from another institution which they wish to transfer. This is not a problem on an “apples to apples” basis; (A passing grade in Music Theory I from an accredited institution, for example, is very likely to transfer.)

However, regardless of how many existing transfer credits a student has, in order to receive the minor in music from ISU one must at a minimum audition for the program, and be able to meet a one-year (2 semesters) residency requirement in both applied music lessons and the requisite large ensemble.  The Department of music will not simply grant an “automatic music minor” to a transfer student based solely on their transfer credits.

Grade and Graduation Requirements

An overall accumulative grade point average of 2.0 for all University courses is required for graduation. The Music Department requires a Music GPA of 2.5 as a standard for graduation. An additional requirement is that a music major or minor must earn no less than a "C-" grade in each music course. Furthermore, at least a "C-" grade must be received to advance to another course for which the earlier course is a prerequisite, or to advance to the next level of a continuation course. (Instructors are responsible for informing students of this policy.)

The Undergraduate Catalog should be consulted for General Information concerning university graduation requirements, such as residence requirements and upper division credit requirements. Credits used for graduation are limited in certain groups of courses including performance ensembles, theater production and physical education activity courses.

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