School of Performing Arts: Children's Chorus Tuition


The Idaho State Children's Chorus is self-supporting. While every effort is made to keep membership fees to a minimum and to find other forms of financial support, tuition is necessary to keep the group going. Tuition covers use of folders and music, salaries, incentives, office supplies and copying and mailing information pertaining to the chorus.

Tuition: $120.00 per student per semester

Families with more than one member in the Children's Chorus must pay the $120 for the 1 st child and will receive a $25 discount for the 2nd child and a $50 discount for each additional child.

Activity Fee: An additional $15.00 will be collected at the beginning of each semester to cover the cost of most items at group activities and parties.

Two separate checks or cash installments are necessary. Tuition payment should be made payable to "ISU Children's Chorus." Activity Fees are preferably paid in cash and if a check needs to be written please make it payable to "Julie Taylor."

All fees are due at the first rehearsal of the semester. If hardship occurs, please contact one of the directors. We do not want anyone to drop the choir because of money issues. We will be more than happy to make some sort of arrangement for you.

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