Concentration in Criminology with BA in Sociology

This track is offered as an alternative to the general Sociology major. Students can major in Sociology and choose electives to complete a more specialized track in Criminology. Sociology majors can thus specialize in their area of interest, more readily make connections among Sociology courses, form cohorts with other Sociology majors in this track, and build a resume with a specialization in Criminology. A student who elects to obtain this certificate must take the required courses for sociology majors, 15 credits in required criminology courses, specified general education requirements, and two Sociology electives from a list of suggested sociology courses. The certificate will not be noted on the transcript, but students who complete majors with this option and file a signed form will receive a certificate acknowledging they have completed the track. The Department suggests that these students note their track on their resumes after their majors.

Recommended Courses that will fulfill or partially fulfill General Education Requirements:

SOC 1101 ~ Introduction to Sociology
     (partially satisfies Objective 6 of General Education Requirements)
3 cr
SOC 2248 ~ Critical Analysis of Social Diversity
     (satisfies Objective 7 of General Education Requirements)
3 cr
SPAN 1101 ~ Elementary Spanish I
     (partially satisfies Objective 4 of the General EducationRequirements)
4 cr

Required Courses for BA in Sociology:

SOC 1101 ~ Introduction to Sociology
     (partially satisfies Objective 6 of General Education Requirements)
3 cr
SOC 3301 ~ Classical Social Theory 3 cr
SOC/SOWK 3308 ~ Sociological Methods and Social Work Research 3 cr
SOC 3309 ~ Social Statistics 3 cr
SOC 4403 ~ Contemporary Sociological Theory 3 cr
SOC 4462 ~ Power, Class, and Prestige 3 cr

Required Courses for Certificate in criminology

SOC 2231 ~ Juvenile Delinquency 3 cr
SOC 2295 ~ Criminal Justice Internship 3 cr
SOC 4431 ~ Criminology 3 cr

Electives two additional courses (6 credits) from the following list of upper division courses:

SOC 3321 ~ Families in American Society 3 cr
SOC 3366 ~ The Community 3 cr
SOC 4492 ~ Topics in Criminal Justice* 3 cr
     * May be repeated with different content.

Total major credits 39

Recommended additional courses

POLS 2248 ~ Politics and the Administration of Justice 3 cr
POLS 2249 ~ Introduction to Criminal Law 3 cr
PSYC 2200 ~ Child Abuse 3 cr
PSYC 3301 ~ Abnormal Psychology I 3 cr
SOC 2250 ~ Women, Crime and Corrections 3 cr

Credit Requirements for Graduation

General Education Requirements* 37
Concentration in Criminology with BA in Sociology* 39
Additional Credits to reach 120 Credits 43
Total Credits (must include 36 Upper Division Credits) 120
     * Twelve (12) of the credits in the 37 listed for General Education are also in the 39 required for the degree.

See the undergraduate catalog for course details.

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