Scholarship Deferment (Hold)

Idaho State University will hold students' scholarships if a student's attendance at ISU is interrupted for medical reasons, military deployment, church service, or other select reasons, provided that a student meets certain criteria.

New Students...

Students who received a Scholarship Offer as they were fully admitted to ISU but NOT attending ISU until a further date due to the reasons above. These students will need to complete the “Admission Deferment Request Form” by August 1 of the year they were initially admitted. This request form will act as their "Hold Form" for any scholarships (as long as funding is still available for these programs upon their return). To access the Form and further information on the Admission Deferment Policy please visit:

Continuing Students...

Students who have attended 1 semester or greater at ISU with scholarships, are required to complete a
"Scholarship Deferment (Hold) Request Form” through the scholarship office. This request form will act as their Deferement (Hold) Form for any scholarships (as long as funding is still available for these programs upon their return). Further information on requirements for “continuing ISU students is below.”

For continuing students' scholarship(s) to be placed on hold while they are away from ISU for a specified period of time, we require that the student must attend at least one full-time semester prior to their departure and meet the minimum criteria for continuation of their scholarship(s) during the semester(s) they attend prior to leaving. Students should complete a Hold Request Form and submit verification of reason for leaving (i.e. mission call letter, doctor's note, military deployment notification, etc.). The documentation is used to verify the departure/return dates. Our general policy is that scholarships can be held for up to two years (or four semesters), depending on the documented departure/return dates. However, if a student's departure and return are timed such that they must miss five semesters of school (leave in middle of a semester and returning in middle of another semester), we will hold the scholarship(s) for five semesters.

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