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Mission Statement

The Idaho State University Animal Care Facility believes in the moral, scientific and legal obligation for humane care and use of laboratory animals by providing the highest standards of animal care, welfare, service, and support through education, diligence and co-operative involvement to advance education, medical and biomedical research for the benefit of all.

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Vision Statement

We work with educators and researchers by providing healthy animals, prompt customer service, and support.

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Values and Goals

Highest Standards of Animal Care and Welfare

• To provide a clean, disease-free environment in which the physical, social and psychological needs of the animal are met and exceeded.
• Consider the care of animals on an individual basis to optimize their health and welfare.
• Improve animal care standards through assessment and revision, utilizing open dialogue and education to inspire similar goals in others.

Customer Service

• Provide open lines of communication with the Investigator and Assistants to resolve issues.
• Promptly respond to the needs of the investigator and educator.
• Service with a positive attitude and smile.

Support for quality academic and research environment

• Provide highly skilled and knowledgeable staff to assist investigators in their endeavors.
• Provide assistance to investigators in balancing the parameter of their research with the Guide for Animal Care and Use and Animal Welfare Act.
• Work in co-ordination with investigators, to create a research environment that promotes animal welfare.

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Animal Facilities Manager (AFM)

The AFM is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Animal Care Facility and its staff. The AFM is the person to contact with questions or concerns about animal care operations, gaining access to the facility, requesting assistance in obtaining proper veterinary care, etc.

Contact the Animal Facilities Manager at or 282-3895.

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Animal Care Facility Fees

As of January 1, 2014 the per diem rates at the animal facility are:
Mice = $.26
Rats = $.53
Rabbits = $2.61
Guinea Pig = $1.00
Mink = $1.05
Nude Mice = $.50
Nude Rat = $1.06
Other rooms rental= $2.00

NOTE: Rates will increase again January 1, 2015 to capture the actual cost of operating the facility.

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Animal Request Procedure

Animal orders will only be honored with approved animal protocol. (See IACUC protocol information)

Procedure for submitting request to Animal Care Facility:

1. Download and complete order form.
2. Email form to
3. Questions can be directed to Animal Facilities Manager x3895

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