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ISU's Hazardous Waste Procedures Manual

Click on the corrisponding procedure number to dowload a PDF copy of the procedure. For more information contact the TSO. Contact information can be found here.

Procedure (Procedure Number)

Waste Characterization (TSO-07-01-REV 0.pdf)
Labeling Waste (TSO-07-02-REV 0.pdf)
Waste Storage (TSO-07-03-REV 0.pdf)
      Waste Segregation
      Secondary Containment
      TAA Inspections
Satellite Accumulation Areas (TSO-07-04-REV 0.pdf)
      Waste Pickups
Special Waste (TSO-07-05-REV 0.pdf)
      Universal Waste
      Light Bulbs
      Used Oil
      Used Fixer
      Empty Containers
Hazardous Waste Shipments (TSO-07-06-REV 0.pdf)
Investigating Problems (TSO-07-07-REV 0.pdf)
Sampling Unknown Waste (TSO-07-08-REV 0.pdf)
Cleaning Out Labs (TSO-07-09-REV 0.pdf)
Spill Response (TSO-07-10-REV 0.pdf)


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