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Biosafety Committee

The Biosafety Committee is responsible for oversight of all recombinant DNA (rDNA) research conducted at or sponsored by ISU.  It is responsible for ensuring such research is carried out in compliance with federal law and regulation; The Biosafety Committee must review and give prior approve for all research activities involving rDNA, through a formal review of the proposed protocols.

For ISU Researchers
Researchers must submit an application, including the proposed protocol, to the Biosafety Committee and receive approval before any rDNA-related work begin. Guidelines for the preparation of an application are subject to the NIH Guidelines.

James Groome, Chair Biological Sciences
Marc Benson Biological Sciences
Curt Anderson Biological Sciences
Deborah Newby INL
Peter Sheridan Biological Sciences
Erin O'Leary-Jepsen Molecular Research Core Facility
Joanna Taylor University of Idaho (Idaho Falls)
Kirk Hevener Biomedical & Pharmaceutial Sciences (Meridian)
Peter Farina ISU Technical Safety Officer
Robin Colling (ex officio) Facility Service Admin Environmental & Safety Manager

Procedure for Biosafety Approval for Work with rDNA

All research conducted at Idaho State University involving rDNA molecules must meet with current NIH Guidelines. These Guidelines describe five categories of experiments involving rDNA; four of the categories require Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) approval, and the fifth category is exempt from the NIH Guidelines. The Idaho State University IBC is the local committee that reviews experiments identified by a DNA Registration Document. If you conduct research using rDNA, you must follow this procedure.

For each separate experiment you are conducting, please submit a copy of your research protocol and a completed DNA Registration form in Microsoft Word format. You must answer all questions and indicate whether you feel your project is exempt or not exempt. Many experiments involving rDNA molecules are classified as exempt. Such experiments are defined in Section III-E and Appendices A and C of the Guidelines. Please review these to decide if your project is exempt. If you feel your research is exempt, also submit a letter explaining your reasoning.

The NIH Guidelines are complex and somewhat difficult to interpret. If you have difficulty determining the status of your experiments, please don't hesitate to contact the committee's chair, James Groome x2791, for assistance.

Please email the completed DNA Registration Document, your protocol, and letter of explanation of exemption (if needed) to James Groome at After you have submitted the completed document via email, send a signed original hardcopy of the DNA Registration Document to:

James Groome
Idaho State University
Institutional Biosafety Committee
Stop 8046

The ISU Biosafety Committee will review this information and notify you of its decision concerning your project's status. To contact the IBC please email


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209