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Invention Disclosure


Major Functional Area (MFA): Office for Research & Economic Development
Policy Title: Invention Disclosure
Responsible Executive: Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Sponsoring Organization: Division for Innovation
Effective Date: January 1, 2014
Annual Review:

I.  Introduction:

ISU seeks opportunities to identify and preserve the integrity of inventions made by faculty and staff members especially those with the potential to be monetized. This policy has been adopted to establish the process ISU will utilize to assist inventors in the identification of intellectual property and potential patent prosecution.

II. Policy Statement:

It is the policy of ISU to create and foster a creative and innovative environment for faculty and staff. The accurate identification and protection of intellectual property assists the University and the Inventor in preserving opportunities and acquiring financial support for future development.

III. Procedures to Implement

ISU will evaluate the University’s interest in the discovery or invention utilizing the following procedure:

If the University pursues the invention/discovery;

If the University declines to pursue the invention/discovery;

IV. Attachments

Invention Disclosure Form (.doc download)

V. References



Click here to download/print the Invention Disclosure Policy in PDF format.


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