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Parking Lot Closures For Maintenance


The following is the projected schedule for construction and painting in parking lots on the Pocatello Campus. Please be advised, this schedule is subject to change due to weather and possible equipment malfunction. Please be mindful of cones and wet paint.

Please note that these closures will be early in the morning and every attempt will be made to make sure that parking is available. If full lot closure is necessary, we will advise of alternate parking locations below.

Additional information on lot closures will be posted on this webpage as soon as it becomes available.

Date of lot closure
Areas Impacted
Alternate Parking Areas
Monday, 11/24/2014
Admin (R02), Continuing Education, Frazier (R01),
Colonial Hall (R07), Credit Union (G05), Library (R04, G06), Pulling Courts (H06)

Tuesday, 11/25/2014
Accelerator, Research, Law Enforcement, Bible Church (R03), Life Science (R09), Turner/Garrison (H08/09), Education (G13)

Wednesday, 11/26/2014
Reed Gym (Front: G11), RFC (R08), Red Hill lots (R10, G07, H10), Rec Center (R06, G10, G08), Bartz Housing (H05, H04, H07)

Monday, 12/1/2014
Whittier (G03)

Tuesday, 12/2/2014
Cemetery Fence (G09, G04)

Wednesday, 12/3/2014
Facilities/Campus Security (G02), Grounds & Shipping (G04)

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email us at or call the Parking Office at 282-2625.

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