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Parking Lot Closures For Maintenance


    During Spring Break 2014 (March 24 thru March 28), Facilities Services will         be temporarily closing off each parking lot on campus. The following is the         projected Spring Sweep schedule. Please be advised that this schedule is         subject to change due to weather and possible equipment malfunction.             Please be mindful of cones and barriers that indicate that the lot is                 temporarily closed

Date of lot closure
Areas Impacted
Alternate Parking Areas
Monday, March 24
G13 (behind Education)
G11 (Reed front)
R10 (Red Hill)
G07 (Red Hill)
G10 (side of Rec Center)
G08 (behind Reed)
3 rows of Student Union
Holt Arena, Bartz Way, other areas of the Student Union
Tuesday, March 25
3 rows of Student Union
R05 (across from Library)
R03 (across from Dental Hygiene)
R04 (behind Library)
G05 (Credit Union)
Phys. Sci. Service Dr
Frazier (R01)
Other areas of the Student Union, G06 (the general lot between the Library and LDS Institute)
March 26
R08 (RFC)
R09 (Plant Science)
Ed. Playground/Turn
4 rows of Student Union
Reed Gym, Holt Arena, other areas of the Student Union
Thursday, March 27
G03 (Whittier)
4th St, Student Union

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email us at or call the Parking Office at 282-2625.

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