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ISU Public Safety

Safety Update

Brought to you by ISU Public Safety and the ISU Safety Committee September, 2002

Hot Stuff You Need To Know If There's a Fire

To survive a fire

If you get trapped

If you are on fire: stop, drop & roll!

To Prevent Fires

Open Flames

Be very careful with open flames. Bunsen burners, etc. should never be left unattended. If you leave, even for only a moment, put out all flames.

Candles are not allowed in offices or dorm rooms.


Use of electrical "octopuses" to obtain more outlets can result in overloaded circuits and fire-replace damaged wires-match your appliance power requirements to the circuit power.

Most electrical circuits only supply 15 to 20 amps per room for all of the outlets. Also, extension cords should be limited to temporary use.

Cook in approved areas or kitchens and use listed appliances. Stay nearby when appliances are on. Unattended cooking is a major cause of fires in attendance halls.

Hotplates, coffee pots, irons, space heaters, etc. should never be left unattended. Keep space heaters away from curtains and furniture since appliances can overload circuits and start a fire.

Remember-Space heaters need space!

Hazardous Storage

Recycle and dispose of all waste as soon as possible. Waste material should be stored in a safe place, not in corridors or stairways.

Improper Storage & Deadly Obstacles

Storing bikes, chairs, desks, and other items is prohibited in corridors and stairways. Blocked exits have caused pile-ups of fallen people during emergencies.

Protect Yourself

Participate in fire drills

Drills are used to familiarize yourself with the building's alarm, emergency exits you may not normally use, and the procedure for call the fire department.

Alcohol & Drugs

If you use either of these, you are especially vulnerable to being killed from smoke inhalation - you cannot smell smoke when you are asleep.

Extinguish Vandalism & Arson

Report Damaged Fire Equipment

Fire Doors - Should close automatically & completely.

Exit Signs - Two exit signs should be visible from all public areas.

Smoke Detectors - Keep them working so they can detect smoke in time for you to get out.

Fire Alarms - Horns, bells and pull stations should be in working order and not vandalized.

Fire Extinguishers - Report empty or vandalized extinguishers.

Report Fire-Related Crimes to Officials

Please assist with information leading to the arrest of any arsonist or vandal. Vandalism of fire extinguishers, exit signs, and fire alarms robs you of your fire protection.

Call Public Safety at 282-2515 and PPD at 234-6100 with any information. Dial 911 for emergencies.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

"As we observe National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October), I call on all Americans to commit to preventing domestic violence and to assist those who suffer from it. These collective efforts will contribute to peace in our homes, schools, places of work, and communities and will help ensure the future safety of countless children and adults." (White House Press Release, George W. Bush October 2, 2001).

Domestic/Intimate Partner & Dating Violence

Domestic violence spans all racial, socio-economic, and demographic boundaries. Domestic violence takes many forms, ranging from battering, rape and homicide to threats of violence, verbal assaults and other forms of intimidation.

If you know someone who is being abused, support them in their efforts to end the violence. Don't blame them for the abuse. Give them the strength and emotional support to leave if they need it, but do not force them to leave. Support them in their decision to stay or leave.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is October. The Bannock Co. Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Task Force has several events planned to raise awareness of this issue. A candlight vigil is being planned for Oct. 1 at Caldwell Park at approx. 7:30 pm. There will be a forum "Addressing Domestic Violence Through the Life Span" on Oct. 4th in the SUB Salmon River Suite from 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 pm. ISU's Women's & Men's Center will have Silent Witness displays set up around the campus and the community.

If you are interested in any of these events or want to know more information, please do not hesitate to contact the following people: Karen Hayward, R.N., Ph.D, ISU Nursing Dept. @ 282-2102; Janet C. Anderson Women's & Men's Center @ 282-2805; Family Services Alliance @ 232-0742; ISU Public Safety @ 282-2426.

If you need an advocate for a domestic violence on-site intervention, hospital response for a victim of domestic violence, or if you just need more information about a call/situation, please contact the Project Hope Crisis Line @ 282-HOPE (4673)or call The Family Services Alliance Crisis Line @ 208-251-4357. You may also contact Public Safety @ 282-2515, or PPD @ 234-6100. In an emergency always call 911.

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