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Safety Update

Brought to you by ISU Public Safety and the ISU Safety Committee September, 2001

Safety Committee Accomplishments

Following is a list of decisions that were made by the Safety Committee last year, which were implemented or are in the process of being implemented:

  1. Campus Safety Procedures - A Sub-Committee had been convened and came up with safety procedures for departments working in the field. These procedures were presented to Dean’s Council, who in turn, approved them. The Sub-Committee will meet once a year to review the procedures, and make any changes needed.
  2. Bicycles on MLK - Parking was removed from MLK, and with the approval of the City of Pocatello, bike and bus lanes were established.
  3. Automatic External Defibrilator - The Public Safety Office along with Family Medicine and the Dental Clinic have each purchased a Defibrilator. All Public Safety officers have been trained and certified on the use of the AED. Family Medicine & the Dental Clinic are in the process of being trained and certified.
  4. Crosswalk Area Near Tennis Courts & Gym - Pedestrian Crossing signs have been installed for pedestrian safety in this area.
  5. Crosswalks in And Around Campus - Committee members would like to see audio/visual display signs installed at some of the more problem crosswalks in and around campus. This is still in the working. In the meantime, the City of Pocatello has repainted all crosswalks in and around campus, and there are several new pedestrian crossing signs installed.
  6. Clery Statistics - A Sub-Committee was convened to review the methods used by Public Safety to gather statistics for the Clery Act. The Committee verified and certified their methods of calculating statistics.
  7. Directive on How to Notify Faculty/Staff of Clery Statistics - Notification is being sent to all faculty/staff members that the Clery statistics and information on the Clery Act can be found on ISU Public Safety’s website. If a faculty/staff member wishes to have a copy of the Clery Pamphlet on statistics and the Clery Act itself, they are welcome to request a copy through Public Safety.
  8. Emergency Preparedness Drills - In light of the recent acts of terrorism, the Committee will be looking at ISU’s Emergency Preparedness Drills, and making recommendations for any changes they feel may need to be made.

Celebrate Fire Prevention Week

Mark October 7-13 on your calendar to help prevent a fire in your home! The National Fire Protection Association is sponsoring Fire Prevention Week with the theme “Cover the Bases & Strike Out Fire.” Visit and you can download a free home fire safety inspection checklist.

The “I Promise” Program

Given that automobile crashes are the leading cause of injury and death in teens, you can pretty much say that teens drive themselves to trauma centers. And they do so in record numbers.

Car crashes account for approximately 6,000 deaths annually of American teens. While 15 to 20 year olds only account for 6.7% of the total driving population, they account for a whopping 14% of all fatal crashes. Up to 60% of fatally injured teen drivers was not wearing a seat belt, 65% of teen passenger deaths occur at the hands of a teen driver, about 50% of crashes involving 16-year-old drivers are single vehicle crashes, and 41% of fatal crashes occur at nighttime.

The “I Promise” Program is an injury prevention initiative designed to reduce injury and death attributable to teen drivers, and relies heavily on parents as role models. The primary distribution plan is through partnerships with automobile insurance companies. This creates a partnership of mutual interest between parents and companies; injury prevention for teens and loss prevention for participating insurers.

The “I Promise” Program helps parents and teens come to agreement on issues that relate to teen car crashes. Together you discuss, negotiate and complete a parent-teen mutual safe driving contract.

To seal the contract a decal is placed in the rear window of the car that displays a toll-free phone number. This enables community reports on driver behavior. Calls are taken by a professional call center. Reports are mailed to the contact person registered, only.

The “I Promise Program” has been developed with the input of hundreds of organizations representing government, police services, injury prevention groups, safe road organizations, medical organizations and trauma centers. Many of these organizations have also provided letters of support and endorsement for the “I Promise” Program.

More Information is available at their website, (The “Insurer” link will permit you to view the parent-teen mutual safe driving contract in full. The “Parents” link includes a downloadable registration form. However, the primary objective is for the program to be distributed by insurance companies, preferably at no cost to the family).

I PROMISE to drive safely.
I PROMISE not to drink & drive.
I PROMISE to use my safety belt.
I PROMISE to drive defensively.

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