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ISU Public Safety

Safety Update

Brought to you by ISU Public Safety and the ISU Safety Committee March, 2002

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, and the Janet C. Anderson Women's & Men's Center will be hosting another "Take Back The Night" rally on April 25th. For more information on "Take Back The Night" contact the Janet C. Anderson Women's & Men's Center.

Sexual Assault is About Power, Control & Anger

An estimated 302,100 women and 92,700 men are forcibly raped each year in the United States. A 1999 U.S. Dept. of Justice report showed that 91% of victims of rape or sexual assault were female and 9% were male, with 99% of the offenders being male. In Idaho alone in 2000 sexual assault and rape increased 39.3%, and 84.5% of those victims recognized the offender. Yet according to Bureau of Justice statistics only 28% of sexual assaults and rapes are ever reported.

Don't mask the facts about sexual assault and rape with myths and stereotypes. Sexual assault and rape are acts of violence, and can happen to anyone. Attackers and rapists can be anyone-strangers, neighbors, girlfriends, boyfriends and husbands, co-workers, classmates, family members, and even friends. In fact, most victims know their assailant.

Here's the good news: you can do a lot to reduce your risk of sexual assault. First, recognize that safety is your responsibility. Police, husbands, wives, family can only do so much. YOU are the only one who knows where you are and what you are doing at all times. Second, understand and learn risk reduction and avoidance concepts. Practicing the following tips is a good way to start:

Use Your Head

How to Protect Yourself

When the Unthinkable Happens

How should you handle a sexual assault or rape attempt? It depends on your physical and emotional state, the situation, the rapist's personality. There are no hard and fast, right or wrong answers, surviving is the goal.

Surviving Rape

Take a Stand

Campus Crime Prevention Programs

Safety Escort Service

This service provides faculty, staff and students safe transportation during evening and night time hours. Contact Public Safety at 282-2515 for a safety escort to your car or dorm room.

Emergency Blue Light Phones

These phones have been placed at various locations on campus and are directly connected to the Pocatello Police Department by dialing 911,and the Public Safety Department by dialing 2515.

Campus Watch

This program is similar to the Neighborhood Watch program, but is developed specifically for residents of campus housing.

Students On Patrol Program

We want to increase the interactions between Public Safety and faculty, staff and students. We also want to reduce crime on campus by involving the students in patrolling those areas and acting as visible deterrents. Students will record and report suspicious activities, traffic related problems, violations of university policy and the location of potential vandalism/graffiti sites.

RAD (Rape Aggression Defense)

The RAD approach to personal safety is a comprehensive course for women that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction, and avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training. RAD is taught by Public Safety personnel who are certified RAD instructors.

Crime Prevention Pamphlets Available from ISU Public Safety

Your Department Of Public Safety, Would You Know If You Were Raped, Domestic Violence-The Hidden Crime, Sexual Violence and the Law (for men and women), and many more. . .

Resources Available

ISU Public Safety 282-2515
Janet C. Anderson Women's & Men's Center 282-2805
Crisis Line: 282-HOPE or 282-4673
Pocatello Police Dept. (Emergencies) 911
Affirmative Action Office 282-3964
Counseling & Testing 282-2130
Psychology Clinic 282-2129
Family Services Alliance 232-0742
Crisis Line: 251-HELP or 251-4357

For more information on Public Safety and the services we provide you can visit our website.

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