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Main Campus Pocatello


University Place Idaho Falls


Meridian Health Science Center - Meridian

December 9, 2013


December 9, 2013


December 9, 2013


Fire Alarms 0

Fire Incidents - 0

Unsecured Door 0

Unsecured Vehicle - 0

Vehicle Jump Starts - 10

Vehicle Unlocks - 2

Escorts - 0

Malfunctioning Lights - 0

After Hours Access 0

Door Unlock 0


13-U03836-On 12/09/13 at approximately 0701 hours at Central Operations, Public Safety took a report of an alarm at the ESTEC Building. A maintenance request was submitted for the alarm.


13-U03837-On 12/09/13 at approximately 0800 hours in the G10 Lot, Public Safety provided a citizen assist, a flat tire.


13-U03843-On 12/09/13 at approximately 1203 hours in the R07 Lot, Public Safety took an information report.


13-U03849-On 12/09/13 at approximately 1853 hours in the G12 Lot, Public Safety issued an ISU verbal warning to an ISU student for reckless driving.


No incidents were reported.



No incidents were reported.