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Main Campus Pocatello


University Place Idaho Falls


Meridian Health Science Center - Meridian

November 19, 2013


November 19, 2013


November 19, 2013


Fire Alarms 1

Fire Incidents - 0

Unsecured Door 0

Unsecured Vehicle - 0

Vehicle Jump Starts - 3

Vehicle Unlocks - 3

Escorts - 0

Malfunctioning Lights - 0

After Hours Access 0

Door Unlock 2


13-U03608-On 11/19/13 at approximately 0037 hours at Owen-Redfield, Public Safety responded to a medical call for an ISU Student. Pocatello EMS was contacted and responded. The individual did not want to go to the hospital. Once Pocatello EMS and Public Safety were sure the individual was ok, they cleared the scene. Case referred to Student Affairs.


13-U03610-On 11/19/13 at approximately 0851 hours at Holt Arena, Public Safety responded to a fire alarm. Pocatello Fire Department was contacted and responded. It was found that the cause was a sprinkler malfunction. The area was checked and found to be free of any emergency.


13-U03613-On 11/19/13 at approximately 0839 hours at Central Operations, Public Safety took a report of a stolen permit.


13-U03617-On 11/19/13 at approximately 1613 hours at the Pond Student Union Building, Public Safety took a report of faculty misconduct, failure to obey a university official.


13-U03622-On 11/19/13 at approximately 1821 hours at the Fine Arts Building, Public Safety responded to cut a lock off a locker for an individual.


No incidents were reported.



No incidents were reported.