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Main Campus Pocatello


University Place Idaho Falls


Meridian Health Science Center - Meridian

June 18, 2013


June 18, 2013


June 18, 2013


Fire Alarms 0

Fire Incidents - 0

Unsecured Door 1

Unsecured Vehicle - 0

Vehicle Jump Starts - 0

Vehicle Unlocks - 0

Escorts - 0

Malfunctioning Lights - 0

After Hours Access - 0

Room Unlock 0


13-U01787-On 06/18/13 at approximately 0400 hours at Central Operations, Public Safety took a report of an alarm at Holt Arena. A maintenance request was submitted for the alarm.


13-U01788-On 06/18/13 at approximately 0055 hours at 245 E. Terry, Public Safety recovered a stolen vehicle. Pocatello Police was contacted and responded. Pocatello Police contacted the owner of the vehicle responded and took possession of the vehicle. Case referred to Pocatello Police Department.


13-U01789-On 06/18/13 at approximately 0657 hours at Chemistry Building, Public Safety responded to an intrusion alarm. The area was checked and found to be free of emergency.


13-U01790-On 06/18/13 at approximately 0943 hours at the Red Hill "I," Public Safety responded to a report of individuals trespassing and throwing things off the hill. ISU verbal warnings were given to all non-ISU students involved.


13-U01791-On 06/18/13 at approximately 1321 hours at the Library, Public Safety took a report of a personal injury that occurred on 06/13/13 at approximately 0930 hours.


13-U01792-On 06/18/13 at approximately 1418 hours at Reed Gym, Public Safety took a report of found property: a punch card, necklace and ring.


13-U01794-On 06/18/13 at approximately 1850 hours at the Rendezvous Building, Public Safety responded to reports of people throwing water balloons. Public Safety was unable to locate the individuals who had been throwing the balloons. Public Safety checked the area and found it to be free of any emergency.


13-U01795-On 06/18/13 at approximately 2017 hours at the University Courts, Public Safety responded to reports of individuals smoking in a building. Public Safety spoke with an ISU Student found smoking outside their apartment. Housing was contacted and responded. The individual was advised of the no smoking policy and given a warning notice by Housing.


13-U01796-On 06/18/13 at approximately 1753 hours at the Rendezvous Complex, Public Safety responded to a report of the east side handicap doors being stuck open. On-Call Maintenance was contacted and responded to fix the doors temporarily. A Maintenance request was submitted for further work on the doors.


No incidents were reported.



No incidents were reported.