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Main Campus – Pocatello


University Place – Idaho Falls


Meridian Health Science Center - Meridian

May 31, 2013


May 31, 2013


May 31, 2013


Fire Alarms – 0

Fire Incidents - 0

Unsecured Door –3

Unsecured Vehicle - 0

Vehicle Jump Starts - 0

Vehicle Unlocks - 0

Escorts - 0

Malfunctioning Lights - 0

After Hours Access - 0

Room Unlock – 0


13-U01613-On 05/31/13 at approximately 0401 hours at Central Operations, Public Safety took a report of an alarm at Holt Arena. An ISU maintenance request was submitted for the alarm.


13-U01616-On 05/31/13 at approximately 0455 hours in the G01 Lot, Public Safety observed a large sink hole beginning to form in the lot. On-call maintenance was contacted and responded. Case referred to ISU Maintenance.


13-U01617-On 05/31/13 at approximately 0840 hours, Public Safety responded to the Red Hill Trails responded to a report by a Non-ISU Student of a suspicious blanket. Pocatello Police had been contacted. It was found to be a transient camp. Case referred to Pocatello Police Department.


13-U01618On 05/31/13 at approximately 1659 hours at the RISE Complex Parking Lot, Public Safety took a report of two non-ISU students trespassing on ISU property. The individuals were asked to leave and did so.


13-U01619-On 05/31/13 at approximately 1824 hours in the Life Science Complex, Public Safety responded to an intrusion alarm activation that occurred in Biology Building Room 193. The area was checked and found to be free of any emergency.


13-U01620-On 05/31/13 at approximately 1822 hours at the Nursing Building, Public Safety responded to a report of a water leak in the third floor men’s restroom. On call maintenance was contacted and responded to fix the leak.


No incidents were reported.



No incidents were reported.