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Main Campus Pocatello


University Place Idaho Falls


Meridian Health Science Center - Meridian

April 14, 2013


April 14, 2013


April 14, 2013


Fire Alarms 0

Fire Incidents - 0

Unsecured Door 0

Unsecured Vehicle - 0

Vehicle Jump Starts - 0

Vehicle Unlocks - 0

Escorts - 0

Malfunctioning Lights - 0

After Hours Access - 1

Room Unlock 0


13-U01165-On 04/14/13 at approximately 0345 hours at University Courts, Public Safety responded to a noise complaint. Public Safety made contact with an ISU Student in one of the apartments and advised them they needed to turn down their music. The individual agreed and complied with the request.


13-U01166-On 04/14/13 at approximately 0400 hours at Central Operations, Public Safety took a report of an alarm at Holt Arena. A maintenance request was submitted for the alarm.


No incidents were reported.



No incidents were reported.