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ISU Public Safety

Harassing E-Mails & Other Internet Harassment!

On-Line Safety Tips

Is It Truly Harassment? What To Look For

First, you need to determine whether or not what you are experiencing is truly harassment.

What To Do If You Need Help!

First, you must clearly tell the harasser to stop. Generally speaking, it is unwise to communicate with the harasser. However, as soon as you determine that you are truly being harassed by someone, you must very clearly tell that person to stop. You do not need to explain why, just state that you do not want the person to contact you in any way in the future.

Do Not respond to any further messages of any sort from the harasser. Do Not have anyone else contact the harasser on your behalf. It is common practice for the harasser to claim that you are harassing him/her, but if you arenít contacting the person, then it is clear that you arenít the harasser.

Call ISU Public Safety and ask to speak to a Public Safety officer regarding any on-line incidents.

If you are being physically threatened, you must involve law enforcement. Contact your local police department and Public Safety.

If you believe yourself and/or your children to be in immediate danger, please dial 911.

Complain to the appropriate parties. If you are harassed in a chat room, contact whoever runs the server you were using. If you are harassed on any kind of instant messaging service, read the terms of service and harassment policies they provide and use any contact address given there. If someone has created a website to harass you, complain to the server where the site is hosted.

If you are being harassed via e-mail, complain to the senderís ISP and any e-mail service (Hotmail) used to send the messages.

Save EVERYTHING! Do not delete messages, chat logs, websites, etc. Place them in a separate folder on your hard drive or onto a floppy disk/zip disk or CD-ROM, and print out a hard copy. If you receive any phone calls from the harasser, have them traced immediately (your local phone company can tell you how to do that). If you receive any kind of postal mail or other off-line communications, save them and any envelopes, boxes, etc. they came in.

Do not destroy any evidence, and do not handle it more than absolutely necessary, and do not permit anyone else to do so. Immediately turn the evidence over to Public Safety or the local police. Place envelopes, letters, etc. in plastic bags to protect any possible fingerprints.


ISU Public Safety 282-2515

Pocatello Police 234-6100

Idaho Falls Police 529-2100

Anderson Resource Ctr. 282-2805

Salt Lake City FBI 801-579-1400

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