Public Safety


  • ISU Department of Public Safety
  • Public Safety: 282-2515
  • Parking: 282-2625
  • Bengal Card Services: 282-3618
  • Email Public Safety


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          Public Safety

Awareness Education . . .Paving Your Way to a Safer Campus!

Rape/Sexual Assault
Domestic Violence
Dating Violence
Stalking On Campus
Harrassing or Obscene Phone Calls
Harassing Email & Other Internet Harrassment
Internet Safety Tips & E-Mail Scams
Workplace Violence
Victim/Witness Information Protection Orders & No Contact Orders
Victim/Witness Assistance Misdemeanor Charges What Happens Now?
Crime Prevention for People With Physical Disabilities
Fire Safety
Safety On The Campus
Campus Parking Safety
Safety On The Streets
Residence Life Safety
Residential Safety
While You're Away
Safety at the ATM
Alcohol Is Number One
Travel Safety
Terrorism Facts & Safety Tips
What To Do If You Become A Hostage
Blue Light Emergency Phone Locations
Dater's Bill of Rights
Campus Sexual Assault Victims' Bill of Rights
What College Women Should Know About Sexual Assault, Rape and Sexual Battery
What College Men Should Know About Sexual Assault, Rape and Sexual Battery

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