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ISU Public Safety

Workplace Violence

What to Watch For and How to React for Your Safety

ISU Public Safety
Campus Box 8140, Building 27
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(208) 282-2515
24/7 Dispatch Center

Workplace Violence

Unrealistic expectations, working conditions and personality differences can all play a part in the potential for discord, or for interpersonal problems that, if ignored, can escalate into disasters in the workplace.

20 Generic Warning Signs of Potential Violence

  1. Prior Violence.
  2. Homicidal or suicidal thoughts.
  3. Substance abuse.
  4. Active psychotic symptoms.
  5. Preoccupied with violence, police, military or survivalism.
  6. Threatening or intimidating behavior.
  7. Verbal threats or violent plans.
  8. Intimidating comments about violence/weapons.
  9. Anger, hostility, temper tantrums.
  10. Persistent pursuit or stalking.
  11. Aggressive sexual behavior.
  12. Misuse of firearms.
  13. A distorted perception of being picked on.
  14. Holding grudges or listing enemies.
  15. Non-violent criminal behavior.
  16. Belligerence, insubordination.
  17. Inappropriate communciations.
  18. Repeated, strong racist or sexist behavior.
  19. Severe jealousy.
  20. Repeated unreasonable grievances.

Common Thread:Making Other People Feel Extremely Uncomfortable.

Recognizing Inappropriate Behavior

In appropriate behavior is often a warning sign of potential hostility or violence. Employees who exhibit the following behaviors should be reported and disciplined in accordance with policy.

When Domestic Violence Spills into the Workplace

The problem of domestic violence has existed for generations, yet it is only recently that it has begun to receive the attention it deserves. A victim of domestic violence is no less a victim than one set upon by strangers.

Employees who have Protection Orders or Restraining Orders on a spouse, ex-spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend should notify a Supervisor and Public Safety so that precautions can be taken for safety in the workplace.

Employers, supervisors and co-workers should show understanding and concern for the employee that may be a victim of domestic violence.

When needed, referrals can be made for assistance through the Employee Assistance Program and to the Janet C. Anderson Gender Resource Center's Advocacy Program.

Public Safety's Protection for Victims

Public Safety will provide escorts by a uniformed officer to and from the victim's vehicle to their workplace.

Public Safety will provide a cell phone for direct contact to 911 and Public Safety Dispatch (2515).

Alerting co-workers to the possibility of danger and what to do.

A trained crime prevention officer will do a physical survey of a victims work area to identify and discuss areas of concern or problem areas such as the arrangement of furniture or the blocking of exits. Escape routes and what to do if you cannot get out will be discussed.

"Red Dot" emergency lines are programed into the telephones. This line is dedicated to emergencies only and is connected to ISU Public Safety dispatch. Pressing the line button alerts dispatch that there is a potential problem and identifies the building, the room number, and telephone number . Officers are dispatched to the location.

Reporting Responsibility Guidlines

Acts of violence or threats of imminent violence require an immediate response!

In the event of other threats:

See the entire ISU Violence In the Workplace Policy with reporting guidelines for complete and detailed information (Workplace Violence Policy & Guidelines).

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