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ISU Public Safety

Travel Safety

The Safe Traveler

Every traveler should become security conscious or they may ge contributing to their own eventual victimization. Personal safety while traveling, like other areas of crime prevention, is mostly common sense.

Use "Street Smart" Techniques

City Crime

Theft from autos is the most common crime in central business districts. All baggage and goods, such as computers, should be stowed out of sight in the cars trunk! Don't invite a smash and grab!



Indiscriminate Terrorism - Is the kind of terrorism travelers are the most likely to become victims of. These victims may be casual shoppers, on a plane, train or bus with other travelers. They may be visitors to a monument, or employees and visitors of a government building.

Six Tactics That Comprise 95% of All Terrorist Attacks:

  1. Bombings
  2. Assassinations
  3. Armed Assaults
  4. Kidnapping
  5. Hostage Situations
  6. Hijacking


Terrorist Targets:

Before traveling to other countries check for travel warnings and other information issued by the State Department at:


Safety Tips

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