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Department of Political Science

Undergraduate Program Stories

At Idaho State University, the first Bachelor's degree in Political Science was awarded in 1947 when Political Science was part of a Social Science Division. In the 1950s, the degree moved to the Department of Government and then the Department of Political Science. Our graduates enjoy success in graduate school, law school, and various careers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. In 2013, the Department of Political Science is starting a project that will highlight some of the stories of our undergraduate graduates.

Meghan Herrman, Class of 2013

Becoming a Political Science major at Idaho State University was the best thing I could have done for my undergraduate career. During my time at ISU, I was able to learn and obtain knowledge from many different subject areas. The classes I took broadened my mind and my horizons. I was able to study South American Politics, Public Administration, Environmental Politics, State and Local Government, Federal Government, Central American and Caribbean Politics, International Politics, and so much more. The professors in the Political Science department are phenomenal and were always willing to help with just about any question or concern I had. My degree allows me to apply for a vast number of jobs in many fields. Having a Political Science degree does not mean my only career option is to become a politician. There are so many opportunities you just have to know where to look. Soon I will be applying for graduate schools and I know without a doubt that I was given the knowledge and skills needed to further my education.

Walter Radovitch, Class of 2013

My name is Walter Radovitch and I am an undergraduate alumni of the Idaho State University Political Science Department. I will be using my degree to pursue a Master's of Science in Coastal and Oceanic Policy from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, with the eventual goal of completing my Ph.D. at the University of Washington, Seattle and finding a university teaching position. My experiences in the Political Science Department have well-prepared me for this journey.

My experiences as an undergraduate in the ISU Political Science have been wonderful. The faculty are very well-versed in their research areas, provide materials and lessons to students that can be applied in real-world situations, and go above and beyond to help students graduate. One of the things I found most interesting about the Political Science Department is the different areas of politics that are covered: environmental, international relations, comparative, American politics, political theory, courses on conflict and developing nations, and voting/public opinion. This broad range of different classes to choose from sparked my interest in the program, because it offered me the chance to study government that was not specifically related to the United States. This proved to be quite interesting. I also had the privilege of working with Dr. Donna L. Lybecker, who served as my undergraduate advisor and council advisor while I was the president of the ISU International Affairs Council. The Political Science Department here at ISU provides many opportunities for its students and teaches them the skills they will need for their future careers.

Jennifer Gollob, Class of 2004

The Political Science Department at ISU opened doors for me that shaped my Public Service career and empowered me to reach great heights. I loved the classes that were offered and I became actively involved with the department. In my junior year of the program, I was selected as a Truman Scholarship Nominee, a Graduate School scholarship offered to aspiring Public Servants. Winning the Public Service Scholarship propelled me towards a career in Public Service that has taken me all over the world.

After graduating from ISU, I went to work for City Year New Hampshire, An Americorps Organization. During my year of service, I worked in Manchester, NH in classrooms with refugee students. We also did Community Service projects to revitalize local areas and ran numerous volunteer activities. My year of service was a perfect segway from Idaho State to George Mason University.

I earned my Master's Degree in Public Administration at George Mason which thrust me into a vibrant job market upon graduation. After lots of interviews with an array of organizations, I found a position with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) working for a Program Manager. I managed projects that delivered cutting edge technology to soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. I traveled abroad with projects that focused on machine language translation and tactical reporting systems. Working with the military was a fantastic experience and I genuinely enjoyed supporting the work our troops do overseas. I've recently moved back to Pocatello and look forward to contributing locally to the city and University that gave so much to me.

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