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Dr. Mark McBeth

Professor of Political Science
Office: Graveley Hall, North Wing, 300
Phone: (208) 282-2740
Email: mcbemark@isu.edu

D.A. Idaho State University, Pocatello, 1992

Faculty Biography

Dr. Mark McBeth

Dr. Mark K. McBeth has been on faculty in the Department of Political Science since January, 1995. Historically, his research has focused on public policy, environmental policy, and economic development policy informed by his interdisciplinary interests in both sociology and economics.

In the 1990s, Mark primarily explored the role of environmental attitudes and economic development policy in rural communities including research on the relationship between the economic composition of a community and the communities environmental attitudes. Since 2000, his research has mainly focused on the role of policy narratives in the development, design, and implementation of public policy.

Much of this latter research has used the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem as case material. The policy narrative research agenda has recently been subsumed under the term, the Narrative Policy Framework (NPF). The NPF represents a decade long research effort by Dr. McBeth and colleagues and ISU graduates (Dr. Elizabeth A. Shanahan and Dr. Michael D. Jones) to move the study of policy narratives into an empirical, hypothesis driven framework aimed at finding causal relationships.

Recently, NPF researchers were invited to present at an Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF) conference in Davis, California where the NPF's compatibility both methodologically and theoretically with the ACF was explored. An edited book on the NPF, The Science of Stories: Applications of the Narrative Policy Framework in Public Policy Analysis (co-edited with Jones and Shanahan) is due in December, 2014 (Palgrave) and the NPF appeared as a chapter in the third edition of Sabatier and Weible's Theories of the Policy Process. Additionally, NPF work regularly appears in the Policy Studies Journal with the most recent piece appearing in the journal in 2013.

In his post-doctoral career, Mark has been a principal investigator or co-principal investigator on twenty grants and contracts and recently finished an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency education grant (with Dr. Donna Lybecker). Dr. McBeth is also a co-author (with Randy S. Clemons) of Public Policy Praxis: A Case Approach for Understanding Policy and Analysis (2nd edition, Longman, 2009), now its fifteenth year on the market.

Dr. McBeth's research has expanded to include work on interest group maturation, the "fake" news and the role of YouTube in the development of public policy. In 2011, he was recognized as an "Outstanding Researcher" at Idaho State University. In 2005, he was named "Distinguished Teacher" at ISU.

Courses Taught Most Recently

Selected Publications

1. The Narrative Policy Framework. Chapter 7 (pages 225-266) in Theories of the Policy Process, third edition. Christopher M. Weible and Paul A. Sabatier (eds). Boulder: Westview Press (2014).

2. The Social Construction of a Crisis: Policy Narratives and Contemporary U.S. Obesity Policy (with Randy S. Clemons, Maria A. Husmann, Elizabeth Kusko, Alethea Gaarden). Risk, Hazards, & Crisis in Public Policy, 135-163 (2013).

3. An Angel on the Wind: How Heroic Policy Narratives Shape Policy Realities. (with Elizabeth A. Shanahan and Michael Jones) Policy Studies Journal, 41(3) (2013), 453-483.

4. Trash or Treasure: Recycling Narratives and Reducing Political Polarisation (with Donna L. Lybecker, Elizabeth Kusko) Environmental Politics, 22(2) (2013), 312-332.

5. Policy Story or Gory Story?: Narrative Policy Framework, YouTube, and Indirect Lobbying in Greater Yellowstone (with Elizabeth Shanahan, Molly Anderson, Barbara Rose) 2012. Policy & Internet, 4 (3-4) (2012), 159-183.

6. Understanding the Role of Policy Narratives and the Public Policy Arena: Obesity as a Lesson in Public Policy Development (with Randy S. Clemons and Elizabeth Kusko) World Medical & Health Policy, 4(2), 1-26.

7. Introduction to American Government: What is it Good For? Absolutely Everything (with Shea Robison). Journal of Political Science Education, 8(3) (2012), 271-287.

8. Policy Narratives and Policy Processes (with Elizabeth A. Shanahan and Michael D. Jones). Policy Studies Journal, 39(3) (2011), 535-561.

9. Narrative Policy Framework: The Power of Policy Narratives in Influencing Public Opinion (with Elizabeth A. Shanahan, Paul L. Hathaway). Politics & Policy, 39(3) (2011), 373-400.

10. Is the Fake News the Real News? The Significance of Stewart and Colbert on Democratic Discourse, Politics, and Policy (with Randy S. Clemons). Chapter in The Stewart-Colbert Effect: Essays on the Real Impact of Fake News. Edited by Amarnath Amarasingam, Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland and Company (2011).

11. Narrative Policy Framework: Clear Enough to be Wrong? (with Michael D. Jones). Policy Studies Journal, 38(2010), 329-353.

12. The Story of Good Citizenship (with Donna L. Lybecker, Kacee A. Garner). The Story of Good Citizenship: Framing Public Policy in the Context of Duty-Based versus Engaged Citizenship. Politics & Policy, 38 (2010), 1-23.

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