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Part 6. Student Affairs

Section VIII. Student Activities

B. Student Organizations

1. General

Various academic, cultural, honorary, professional, religious, service, special interest, and sport clubs exist on campus, as well as national social fraternities and sororities. Contact the Student Organizations Office located in the Student Activities Center in the Student Union for further information.

All Student organizations must abide by federal, state, and local laws as well as all University regulations. It is expected that organizations will comply with their own constitution and by-laws. Conduct at social functions and meetings should comply the standards set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.

2. Membership

Only currently employed faculty, staff, and registered students shall be eligible for active membership status in student organizations. Only officially registered students shall be eligible to serve as appointed or elected officers in recognized student organizations.

Other persons may be admitted to associate membership if the organization’s constitution or by-laws permit. Associate members may not hold office, preside, officiate, vote, officially represent, or solicit funds on campus on behalf of the organization.

To maintain recognized status, all organizations are required to complete a registration form each fall. This form lists officers, advisors, and club members and is kept on file in the Student Organization Office.

3. Student Organization Recognition Procedures

a. Obtain the “Steps for Establishment of A Recognized Student Organization” from the Student Organizations Office.

b. Meet with the chair of the Committee on Student Organizations regarding any questions or concerns.

c. Submit a proposed constitution to the chair of the Committee on Student Organizations. Provide the appropriate number of copies so that all members of the committee will have a copy.

d. A representative of the organization is required to attend the meeting of the committee when the constitution is reviewed. The committee is charged with assuring that organization constitutions are compatible with the general goals and mission of the ASISU and the University.

e. Upon approval from the committee, a member of the committee will submit the constitution to the ASISU Senate for final approval. Approval by ASISU completes the recognition process.

4. Privileges

Recognized organizations enjoy the privileges of using University facilities for meetings and approved activities, inclusion in University publications, requesting funding from ASISU subject to regulations, co-sponsoring with the Program Board, using the services of the Student Activities Center, conducting fund-raising activities on campus, using the name of the University in their official title, etc.

5. Recognition

Recognition of student organizations shall not be construed as agreement, support, or approval by the University, but only as recognition of the rights of the organization to exist at the University subject to conditions of the by-laws set forth by ASISU.

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