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Part 6. Student Affairs

Section VII. Residence Life

B. Dining Hall Regulations

1. University food service is mandatory for students living in residence halls. Students living in on- campus apartments and those living off-campus may purchase food service.

2. A student may choose from a variety of meal plans.

3. Students may eat at any University dining service hall on campus with any of the meal plans or by paying cash. Students must show their meal ticket (ID card) or pay cash to be admitted to a dining hall on campus.

4. All dining halls will be closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas vacation, and spring break.

5. A student should see the dining hall manager regarding eating arrangements when

a. There is a conflict between class schedule and the dining hall schedule.

b. There is need for a special diet.

c. There are other food service problems.

6. Proper dress and decorum in the dining halls are regulated by the Residence Hall Association and will be observed in all dining areas on campus. Certain rules are required for health and sanitary reasons. Accordingly, a shirt and shoes must be worn in the dining hall at all times.

7. Guests may eat at any dining hall upon payment of the current charge.

8. No adjustment will be made for meal plans validated late. A student requesting a refund for illness and/or hospitalization may be asked to present a statement from the Student Health Center or from the attending physician. No credit will be allowed for early departure preceding or late return following vacation period, late registration, or early departure at the end of a semester.

9. Meal tickets are not transferable.

10. Lost, worn or mutilated meal tickets must be replaced at owner’s expense.

11. A student may change from one meal plan to another within the first three weeks of each semester. Any change thereafter requires special authorization of the Director of Residence Life and the Director of University Food Service.

12. The student’s dining hall manager welcomes suggestions for improving dining hall operations.

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