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Part 6. Student Affairs

Section IV. Classroom

H. Examinations and Academic Study Day Policy

1. Examinations

Examinations, other than the final examinations, are scheduled in courses at the discretion of the instructors or subject to departmental policy. Ordinarily, fairly comprehensive examinations are given shortly before mid-semester grades are reported to the Registrar. Final examinations are not discretionary, but are required in accordance with a statement in the university Undergraduate Catalog and these examinations should adhere to the schedules issued through the Registrarís Office.

Final examinations shall not be rescheduled outside of the examination period, except with the prior approval of the Council of Academic Deans, nor to a different time within the examination period except with prior written approval of the appropriate academic dean. No final examination shall be longer than the scheduled time.

2. Academic Study Day Policy

The University annual calendar includes two academic study days each semester. The academic study days are scheduled during the two calendar days directly following Closed Week and directly preceding Final Examination Week. When the two days directly following Closed Week fall on Saturday, Sunday, or both, those days are designated as academic study days.

No undergraduate classes are held during academic study days. For academic study days falling on Monday through Friday, faculty will schedule office hours.

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