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Part 6. Student Affairs

Section XI. Services to Students

F. Career Planning and Placement

1. Career Planning and Placement

Career Planning and Placement provides career guidance to students and alumni on both an individual and group basis. The service reflects the University’s continuing concern for its graduates by coordinating placement efforts with employers from the business, education and government sectors.

The office provides assistance in helping users develop career objectives, and helps develop insight into the demands and expectations of various careers and into recruiter expectations. The office helps develop and maintain credential files which include references that will be available for use in the employment process. The office also helps develop effective resumes, prepare for the interviewing process with videotaped mock interviews and provides both on-campus and off-campus job interview opportunities.

2. Student Employment

The Career Planning and Placement Service offers a student employment center which focuses on the part-time and summer employment needs of students while they are attending ISU. The office also provides a few internship opportunities. This office serves both academic and Applied Tech students.

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