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Part 6. Student Affairs

Section X. Student Code of Conduct, Rights, Responsibilities and Judicial Structure

D. Residence Hall Discipline Procedure

Violations occurring in University Housing apartments will be heard through University Judicial Board process. Charges stemming from the same incident in Housing may be brought by the University Judicial Officer for additional disciplinary action.

In the event of a Housing policy violation, an Incident Report is prepared by a staff member or a student. The Resident Advisor and/or the Complex Director will complete an initial investigation and, if available, will obtain written statements from witnesses and all others involved. Normally, within 72 hours from the time that the incident is reported, the student involved will meet individually with the Complex Director. In most instances the reporting Resident Advisor and/or student will attend this meeting. This initial meeting is a fact-finding meeting, and in most cases situations are resolved at this time. If any sanctions are given, they are determined according to how the individual(s) may best learn and grow from the experience. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to:

1. Written Warning

2. Restitution

3. Community Service

4. Conduct Probation

5. Suspension from University Housing

6. Banned from University Housing Facilities

If the student does not agree with the decision rendered by the Complex Director, or with the procedure used in the meeting, he/she may appeal to the Director of Housing, in writing, within three (3) working days from the day the decision was rendered by the Complex Director. The written appeal will be used to determine if the student has justification to be heard on appeal. The student must state, in writing and in detail, why he/she feels that he/she has been wronged and deserves to be heard on appeal. The student may submit, in writing, any supporting evidence or statements that may help the Director determine the merits of hearing the case. Upon hearing the case, the Director of Housing may determine whether to uphold, overturn, or arrive at a substitute sanction. If the Director of Housing decides to uphold the decision of the Complex Director, the resident student has one more appeal opportunity which will be final and binding. The student resident may choose to

a) present his/her case to a Residence Hall Appeals Board or

b) request, in writing, an appeal to the Dean of Student Affairs or his/her designee.

The Residence Hall Appeals Board consists of three (3) students from another residence hall complex and is chaired by another Complex Director. The chair is a non-voting member. This Residence Hall Appeals Board can either uphold, overturn, or initiate a substitute sanction as it sees fit.

Upon election of an appeal to the Dean of Student Affairs, the Dean may, after hearing the appeal,

a) uphold the sanction;

b) overturn the sanction or;

c) impose a substitute sanction.

At this point the appeals process is ended and the resident student must comply with the findings of either the Residence Hall Appeals Board or the Dean of Student Affairs or designee as applicable.

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