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Part 4. Personnel Policies

Section VI. Benefits/Compensation/Personnel Files

H. Fringe Benefits (Updated 4/05)

1. Insurance

a. Life Insurance

The University provides life insurance coverage of all employees with half-time or more appointments of at least five (5) months duration for an amount equal to their annual salary. The policy contains a double indemnity provision in the event of death from non-occupational means, as well as a provision providing benefits in case of dismemberment which occurs from a non-occupational accident.

Retirees who meet the rule of eighty (80) (age plus years of University service) will be eligible for continued life insurance from the University. Full coverage under this rule is provided until the eligible retiree reaches the age of sixty-five (65); reduction to seventy-five percent (75%) up to the age of seventy (70); reduction to fifty percent (50%) after the age of seventy (70).

b. Health Insurance

The State of Idaho provides a comprehensive major medical plan including hospitalization, medical and surgical insurance coverage for all employees with half-time or more appointments of at least five (5) months duration. The University pays most of the cost of coverage for the individual; however, if an employee wishes to insure his/her dependents, it may be done by having the additional monthly premium deducted from his/her paycheck.

2. Disability Benefits

The State provides short and long term disability benefits for employees with disabilities. The short-term coverage pays sixty (60) percent of the base salary up to a maximum of three thousand dollars ($3,000) per month for the first twenty-six (26) weeks of disability. Long-term coverage pays sixty (60) percent of the base salary up to a maximum of three thousand dollars ($3,000) per month.

If disabled before reaching age sixty (60), long-term benefits are payable to age sixty-five (65). If disabled at age sixty (60) or older, benefits are payable until the earlier of (a) five (5) years of benefit payments or (b) age seventy (70). If disabled at age seventy (70) to seventy-five (75), benefits are payable for a maximum of twelve (12) months. If disabled at seventy-five (75) or older, benefits are payable for a maximum of six (6) months. This amount is subject to coordination with Social Security Disability benefits, State disability retirement benefits, etc.

Contact the Office of Human Resources for further information.

3. Retirement

a. Classified Employee

The Idaho Public Employee Retirement System law provides that all classified employees are covered by its retirement program. Each employee’s contribution is matched with a contribution by the University. Deductions from the employee’s check coincide with the membership status which commences with employment. Contributions to the plan are tax deferred.

Sixty-five (65) is the normal retirement age under the Retirement System, but an employee may elect to take early retirement and reduced benefits as early as age fifty-five (55). The retirement system provides for disability retirement as well.

b. Faculty/Nonclassified Employees

Effective July 8, 1990, all new faculty and nonclassified employees have the choice of two (2) retirement plans: Teachers Insurance Annuities Association/College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA/CREF) or Variable Life Insurance Company (VALIC). The employee contribution is matched with a contribution from the University. Membership and deductions commence with employment. Contributions to the plan are tax deferred.

4. Dental

a. Dental Hygiene Clinic

The primary purposes of the Arthur D. Tranmer Dental Hygiene Clinic are to educate dental hygiene students to become competent professionals and to increase the public's awareness of oral health. Because this clinic is a teaching/learning environment, increased time will be required for completion of services. At the same time, fees for services are nominal.

Services are available to all employees and their dependents and include:


· Adult Prophylaxis
· Periodontal Scaling & Root Planing
· Periodontal Maintenance
· Pit and Fissure Sealants/Tooth
· Full Mouth X-rays
· Panoramic X-rays

* Other services included with the cleaning therapy at no additional fee are: oral assessment, bitewing x-rays, patient education, fluoride treatment, smoothing and polishing of silver fillings, and necessary referrals.

RESTORATIVE SERVICES (Only for ISU students and employees)

From the 2nd week in October through Spring Semester:
· Amalgam (Silver) Fillings
· Composite (Tooth-colored) fillings

b. Dental Insurance Program

A dental program is available to everyone enrolled in the medical insurance plan. Coverage is limited to preventative and restorative dentistry. Coverage ranges from basic dental services to major services and orthodontia.

5. Staff Identification Cards

Staff identification cards (Faculty/Staff Bengal Cards) are available to permanent faculty and staff employed half-time or more. Spouse/Partner cards are available to the spouse/partner of permanent faculty and staff. Special cards are available to retired employees and their spouses/partners.

Temporary cards with an expiration date are available to temporary/seasonal employees on fringe benefits; affiliate and adjunct faculty; temporary/seasonal employees who, by the nature of their job, need access to facilities and need proof of their affiliation. Cards are not issued to spouses/partners of temporary card holders. The cards indicate the card holder’s attachment to the University and the right of that person to any special consideration which may be available to faculty and staff members. Employees and their families may enjoy free use of Reed Gymnasium and the Holt Arena facilities at times when they are not scheduled for classes or activities. Dependent children between the ages of twelve (12) and nineteen (19) of faculty/staff holding permanent cards may obtain facility use passes for the gymnasium. Lost cards will be replaced upon payment of a replacement fee.

6. Gymnasium Facilities

Faculty and staff may be assigned available storage baskets in the gymnasium dressing rooms upon request to the Office of Campus Recreation. A limited number of full-length lockers are available on a rental basis. The faculty and staff may use any and all facilities in the gym complex, subject to established scheduling priorities. They may enter intramural events.

7. Student Union Facilities

The Student Union exists primarily for the enjoyment of the student body; however, there are many programs available to the faculty and staff. For further information contact the Student Union Information Desk.

8. Season Tickets

Season tickets, at special discount, are available to all permanent employees for all athletic events and theater performances. No discounts are made for individual athletic events.

9. Student Health and Center

The ISU Student Health Center employs a comprehensive medical staff to provide students with quality health care while they are attending ISU. Services offered include minor surgery, pharmacy, radiology, diagnostic lab studies, and nutrition counseling. Same day appointments are available as well as a walk-in clinic each afternoon.

10. University Counseling and Testing Services

In addition to providing personal counseling and therapy to enrolled students, the University Counseling Service staff provide consultation and outreach services for departments and colleges as well as individual faculty and staff.

These services range from crisis intervention with individuals to classroom presentations on such topics as: stress management, depression, anxiety, couples communication, group dynamics, eating disorders, leadership and conflict resolution. The counselors and psychologists on staff are also available for consultation prior to referral to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for on-going counseling. All services are confidential within the ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association, the American Counseling Association and licensure laws for the State of Idaho governing the practices of psychologists and professional counselors.

11. Early Learning Center

Location: ELC Pocatello, Adjacent to Pond Student Union Building
ELC Idaho Falls, first floor, Samuel Horne Bennion Student Union Building

For convenience, the Early Learning Center has two sites, one in Idaho Falls and the other in Pocatello. Both centers are open year round Monday through Friday and serve the children of ISU students, faculty, staff and alumni (defined as anyone who has taken 24 credits at ISU). Because the Idaho Falls center is located on a shared campus, service is extended to the students enrolled in programs offered by the University of Idaho.

ELC offers a variety of age-appropriate programs such as preschool for three, four, and five-year olds, as well as an after school program which runs through the summer months.

For information call 282-2769 or 282-7868, or ask for a guided tour.

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