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Part 4. Personnel Policies

Section VI. Benefits/Compensation/Personnel Files

G. Resignations (Updated 5/02)

1. General

An employee contemplating interruption or termination of service should consider the effect of such a decision, and of its timing, on the programs of the institution and should give due notice of his or her intention. Letters of resignation are submitted through the departmental administrator or supervisor. Ordinarily, resignations are accepted with prejudice (“prejudice” meaning may not be withdrawn or retracted).

2. Classified

Full-time classified employees who wish to resign should give at least two (2) weeks notice. Resignations submitted with less than the specified notice may be accepted with prejudice.

3. Nonclassified

A member of the nonclassified staff who wishes to resign should be guided by the statements above should provide at least two (2) weeks notice.

4. Faculty

A faculty member who wishes to resign should submit a letter of resignation to his or her college dean; the letter is normally routed through the departmental administrator. Faculty members seeking other employment or being considered for other positions are expected to inform their department chairperson and dean by April 1st of any pending negotiations and keep them advised on negotiations initiated thereafter. Ordinarily, resignations are not accepted without prejudice after July 1st. Teaching faculty are expected to complete the academic year. Deans and department chairpersons are instructed to include comments of the faculty member’s observance of this policy and reply to inquiries concerning the faculty member’s service at Idaho State University.

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