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Part 4. Personnel Policies

Section II. Appointment

E. Other Services to the University

1. General

An employee may be requested by the President (or designee) to perform responsibilities or provide services beyond the primary scope of his or her employment.

a. Such other services must be in conformance with the established policies and procedures of the University.

b. Other professional services performed by non-classified employees and faculty as part of the employee’s normally assigned duties shall not be compensated in addition to regular salary.

c. Under special circumstances, and with Board approval in each instance, professional services for the institution which are clearly beyond the duties assigned to the individual by the University may be compensated.

d. Payments in addition to regular salaries must be authorized by the President and reported to the Board.

2. Definition

“Other professional services to the University” is compensated service performed by full-time, non-classified employees which are clearly beyond the duties assigned to the individual by the University but in any case above 40 hours per week, and for which funds are administered by the Office of Financial Services.

a. Examples of where such services may be required are sponsored research, grants, and contracts.

b. Receiving compensation for teaching continuing education courses is specifically exempted from these regulations.

3. Procedures

a. In the event additional compensation is contemplated for other professional services to the University the following procedures will be followed prior to submission of proposals for grants and contracts as part of the grant transmittal procedure:

(1) A written agreement will be prepared and submitted to the appropriate administrator for approval.

(2) A description of the service to be performed will include the following:

(a) Nature of the service.

(b) Duration of the service to be performed.

(c) Amount of time anticipated and the time periods during which the service is expected to be performed.

(3) Justification will be provided when requesting additional compensation for service performed during the contract period.

(4) In the case of grants and contracts where efforts of two or more administrative units will be obligated, prior approval from each unit shall be obtained.

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