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Part 4. Personnel Policies

Section I. General Personnel Policies

A. Personnel Policies (Updated 5/02)

The State Board of Education (Board) is designated by the Idaho Constitution and Code as the employer for Idaho State University. The responsibility for personnel management consistent with the personnel policies and procedures adopted by the Board is delegated to its Executive Director and the President of the University. In fulfilling this responsibility, the President recommends to the Board the establishment of new permanent positions, regardless of the funding source, the initial appointment of all employees to any position at a salary equal to or higher than seventy-five percent (75%) of the President's annual salary, the employment agreements of head coaches or the Athletic Director. The Board also approves the criteria established by the University for initial faculty appointment to faculty rank and for promotion in rank, and any additional faculty ranks not set forth in Board Governing Policies and Procedures II.G., as well as the procedures for periodic performance review of tenured faculty. Otherwise, appointments, promotions of exempt employees, the award of tenure, initial salaries and subsequent salary changes, dismissal of employees during the term of appointment, and nonrenewal of contracts are delegated to the President. Layoffs as a result of a Board declared state of financial exigency require Board approval.

Employment at Idaho State University is subject to the Contract of Employment (which includes letters of appointment, and/or personnel action forms), the Rules of the State Board of Education, the Governing Policies and Procedures of the State Board of Education, and the policies and procedures of Idaho State University and its offices and departments. These may be changed, altered or amended as necessary.

The policies and procedures set forth herein, while attempting to identify and incorporate Board rules and governing policies and procedures, do not set them forth in their entirety. The personnel policies of Idaho State University are intended to be read in conjunction with, as additions to, and clarifications of the Board's rules, and governing policies and procedures. If there is a conflict between an existing Board rule or governing policy or procedure and a policy or procedure of the University, the pertinent provision of the rules and governing policies and procedures of the Board apply. Copies of the Governing Policies and Procedures of the State Board of Education are on file in the ISU Office of Human Resources, and are also available on-line at the Board's web-site

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