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Part 3. Services, Functions and Facilities Use

Section VI. Services

F. Computer Center

The Computer Service Center at Idaho State University is a centralized service organization charged with providing major computing and telecommunications support for the entire University complex consistent with overall University objectives and available resources. The major support areas are categorized as follows:

INSTRUCTION — For instructional purposes, the Computer Service Center provides computer time, user assistance, microcomputers, terminals, and user facilities for students and faculty engaged in computer or computer augmented course work.

RESEARCH — For research activities, the Computer Service Center provides computer time, consulting, programming services and generalized program packages such as statistical systems and simulation systems for students and faculty.

ADMINISTRATIVE — For administrative support, the Computer Service Center designs, develops, implements, and processes information systems such as registration, grade reporting, payroll, and personnel.

COMMUNITY SERVICE — Community service encompasses those activities consistent with the University’s community service role.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS — The Center supports internal and external transmission of voice and data. This includes moves, adds and changes of all telephones and telecommunications transmission media and support of voice and data PBX’s.

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