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Part 3. Services, Functions and Facilities Use

Section III. Public Safety

G. Telephone Harassment

In the event a student, faculty or staff member receives harassing telephone calls from an on-campus telephone, the ISU Telecommunications Department will aid in the identification of the source of the call. This service works much like that offered by US West (Tele-Abuse). The Telecommunications Department will provide caller identification service under the following conditions:

1. The victim receiving the harassing telephone calls must file a complaint with the ISU Public Safety and/or the Pocatello Police Department.

2. The victim must be willing to sign a caller identification release form.

3. The victim must be willing to testify in court and/or in a campus disciplinary hearing, if it is determined a crime or a violation of University rules have been committed and sufficient facts justify prosecution or disciplinary action.

4. The victim will be required to keep a log, provided by the Telecommunications Department of all incoming and outgoing calls.

5. Caller identification will not be initiated by the University until instructed to do so by the ISU Public Safety or other law enforcement officials and not before the Telecommunications Department has a signed release form from the victim on file.

This service termed “Caller Identification” is not a wire-tap or listening device. The substance of the call cannot be ascertained. The service is placed on the requesting individual’s phone line and gives an ongoing indication of telephone activity. It only identifies internal campus calling numbers. Off-campus telephone harassment must be coordinated through US West by Public Safety, the Telecommunications Department, and Pocatello Police.

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