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Part 3. Services, Functions and Facilities Use

Section III. Public Safety

C. Parking Services

1. General

The Parking Office is housed under Public Safety. Parking regulations are published each year and are available on request. Regulations are applicable to all persons who use University parking facilities. Every motor vehicle which is parked on campus must display an appropriate decal or hangtag, or use metered parking space. Faculty, staff and students may not park at meters without an official business pass or unless specifically designated.

Where the parking regulations have been changed and may conflict with the information contained in the Faculty/Staff Handbook, the parking regulations shall control.

2. Parking Advisory Board

The Campus Parking Advisory Board is comprised of three faculty/staff members, each appointed by their representing committee; Faculty Senate, COPE and CEC, and three students appointed by ASISU. Board members review the parking regulations, parking procedures, and activities of the two appeals committees, and make applicable recommendations to the Director of Public Safety for modifications or changes.

3. Parking Permits

Faculty, staff, students, and other users of parking facilities may purchase permits in either “general”, “reserved”, or “dormitory” parking lots as appropriate. Permits go on sale each year on August 1 on a first come, first served basis. The only exception to this first come, first served basis is C-Lot. For information on C-Lot, contact the Parking Office. Students are allowed to purchase parking permits in reserved lots three weeks after classes begin if spaces are available. Permits may be purchased on a semester or yearly basis. Permit fees are published as part of the parking regulations.

4. Visitor Permits

Visitors to the campus may receive a free parking permit for meters, Holt Arena and B-Lot on campus for up to one week.Visitors may obtain permits for a second week if needed.

Visitors who need permits beyond two weeks must purchase a temporary parking permit. Contact the Parking Office for further information.

Persons who have purchased regular parking permits, but who, for one reason or another, need to bring another vehicle to campus for less than a week may request a visitor permit. Temporary permits may be purchased for longer use.

5. Permits for Persons with Disabilities

Persons who need temporary or permanent access to disability parking spaces on campus may apply for a Disability Parking Permit. The application requires the certification of a medical doctor or proof of a valid state issued disabled permit. The permit costs the same as a general permit and is valid in all lots where disability spaces are located.

6. Workshops/Meetings/Convention Parking

Meetings, workshops, and conventions are an important part of campus life. Seldom does a department forget to make room reservations for such an important event, but frequently parking needs are taken for granted or forgotten. If contacted in advance, the Parking Office may provide several options for these kinds of parking needs. Options include free parking at meters, Holt Arena, and/or B-Lot.

To obtain visitor permits for larger groups, please contact the Parking Office several days in advance so permits can be prepared and delivered to your department.

When mailing notices in advance, the Parking Office will assist in providing visitor permits and/or campus maps to be mailed with the meeting notice.

Under certain conditions, permission to print a visitor permit as part of a workshop announcement may be granted. Permission to print such permits must be obtained each time the department wishes to use it and a copy must be provided to the Parking Office.

Even with the best parking preparations, a workshop guest may receive a parking citation if parked inappropriately. The workshop organizer may wish to collect the citation(s) and contact the Parking Supervisor before sending them in. A small fee may be charged to the sponsoring department. Before guest citations will be voided, they will each be evaluated by the parking staff. If the individual is a faculty/staff member, student or the spouse or family member of such, the citation will not be voided, but will be returned to the person for normal payment or appeals procedures.

Please do not ask that parking meter citations be voided. A parking meter is a contract and the user is required to pay. Seldom are these tickets voided.

Please do not tell anyone to ignore a ticket or throw it away! At some time in the future, they may be held responsible for it. There have been cases where a continued “guest” violator has had his vehicle impounded or towed because they followed someone’s bad advice and ignored the citations.

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