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Part 2. Organization

Section IV. Descriptions and Bylaws of University Representative Bodies

A. Statement on Faculty Governance/Faculty Senate

In order for the Senate governance structure to function effectively, all involved groups and individuals must participate responsibly. The Faculty Senate initiates, considers, and implements policy within the scope of its authority as previously defined (Part 2, Section II-C). Administration representatives, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, representatives of the Faculty Senate, and faculty members-at-large all contribute to policy-making through appropriate regular coordination with one another and through participation on University-wide councils and committees. A description of principal governance responsibilities assigned to groups and individuals follows:

1. Responsibilities of the Administration

a. Solicit Faculty Senate recommendations on matters pertaining to the purpose and powers of the University faculty.

b. Inform Faculty Senate about identified needs at the University, changes in State Board of Education policies, etc.

c. Inform Faculty Senate chairperson of legislative activity and State Board of Education business which pertains to the academic welfare of the institution.

d. Meet with the Coordinating Board regularly for exchange of information.

e. Implement accepted and established policy.

2. Responsibilities of the Faculty Senate Chairperson

a. Preside at Faculty Senate meetings.

b. Meet with the President as required.

c. Attend regular State Board meetings and other meetings and inform the Faculty Senate membership of policy changes, legislative activity, State Board agenda and other matters pertaining to the academic welfare of the University.

d. Participate on relevant standing and ad hoc committees.

e. Act as liaison with the central administration.

3. Responsibilities of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee

a. Set agendas for Faculty Senate meetings.

b. Participate on Faculty Senate standing councils and ad hoc committees when assigned.

c. Meet regularly with the Coordinating Board as assigned.

d. Be familiar with all Faculty Senate business.

e. Assume all responsibilities of a Faculty Senate member.

4. Responsibilities of Faculty Senate Members

a. Participate in Faculty Senate meetings.

b. Accept appointments from the Chairperson.

c. Report to unit faculty at least once monthly and solicit responses.

d. Obtain opinions from unit faculty members on each major policy revision and inform them of changes.

e. Call unit election meeting for replacement of the unit representative to Faculty Senate.

5. Responsibilities of all University Faculty Members

a. Contact Faculty Senate representative with relevant information and/or concerns.

b. Vote in Faculty Senate elections.

c. Review policy when it is circulated by the Faculty Senate representative and provide recommendations.

d. Attend information sessions called by the Faculty Senate representative.

e. Recall any Faculty Senate member who is not fulfilling his/her responsibilities.

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