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Part 2. Organization

Section III. University Administrative Personnel

A. The President (Updated 7-07)

1. The President

The President is the chief administrative officer of the University and is delegated authority by the Board to supervise the administration of all operations of the University; to be the executive head of the instructional force in all its departments; to give general direction to the instruction and research programs of the various schools and colleges; to serve as professional advisor to the Board; to determine, with the advice of the faculty and approval of the Board, the internal and functional organization of the University; to be responsible for the appointment and functioning of all committees, councils, and boards and serve as ex officio member of all such groups, to refer to the Board for consideration, recommendations of the University faculty or faculty of the College of Technology, which have received a two-thirds favorable vote in a referendum by the appropriate faculty, and to perform such other duties as may, from time to time, be designated by the Board.

2. Administrative Personnel Who Report Directly to the President

a. Counsel to the President (also General Counsel)

Advises the President and chief administrative officers of the University on legal matters pertaining to operations of the University and represents the University in legal proceedings and other hearings as directed by the President. Performs special assignments as directed by the President.

b. Director of Athletics

The Director of Athletics coordinates personnel, financing, scheduling and promotion of athletic events.

c. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (see Part 2, Section III.B)

d. Vice President for Finance and Administration (see Financial Vice President, Part 2, Section III.C)

e. Vice President for Student Affairs (see Vice President for Student Affairs, Part 2, Section III.D)

f. Vice President for University Advancement

g. Vice President for Research

h. I.S.U. Boise - Advisor

i. Director of Internal Audit

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