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Part 2. Organization

Section II. Institutional Governance

B. The Faculty (Updated 10-05)

1. General

While the final authority for the administration of the University is vested in the Board, the staff and various faculties serve in an advisory capacity and assume responsibility for making recommendations pertaining to appropriate academic and instructional matters.

2. Definition

The University Faculty consists of all individuals who hold the rank of instructor or higher, assistant professor, associate professor, or professor in one of the colleges of the University. Some staff professionals have equivalent faculty rank and are considered members of the faculty. Equivalent faculty rank is attained only when specifically conferred by the University and approved by the Board.

3. Faculty/Staff Meetings

The President or his designee is the chairperson of all the meetings of the combined faculties and staff; calls meetings, if desired, concerning business which may involve the entire University community, and calls meetings in response to a petition from twenty or more members of the general faculty.

4. All Faculty Vote

Faculty can initiate a general faculty vote concerning matters within the purpose and powers of the University Faculty, according to the procedures set forth in the Faculty Senate bylaws, Part 2, Section IV, Article VI, Section VII and Part 2, Section IV, Appendix B.

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