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Part 2. Organization

Section I. State Board of Education as Trustee for Idaho State University

A. General

1. Powers and Duties

Idaho State University is a “body politic and corporate” of the State of Idaho whose government and control is vested in the State Board of Education, which by statute (Section 33-3003 Idaho Code), acts as its Board of Trustees (Board). The Board has several enumerated powers found at Section 33-3006 Idaho Code which include the authority to adopt rules and regulations for its own government and for that of Idaho State University; employ a president and with his advice appoint such assistants, deans, instructors, specialists and other employees as are required; to prescribe the courses of programs and study and requirements for admission and to have at all times general supervision and control of all property belonging to the University.

2. Rule Manual/Governing Policies and Procedures

In accordance with this grant of authority the Board has adopted through the proper administrative procedures required by the Idaho Statutes a Rule Manual and a Governing Policies and Procedures controlling the conduct and operation of the four state colleges and universities under its control. Copies of the Board’s Rule Manual and Governing Policies and Procedures may be found in the offices of the deans of the various colleges and schools on campus, the personnel office, and in the offices of the President and the Vice Presidents.

3. Office of the State Board of Education/Executive Director

The Board maintains an office in Boise for the purpose of carrying out its required administrative, financial, and coordinating functions. The Board holds at least four regular meetings a year conducted according to its bylaws which are set forth in its Governing Policies and Procedures. The primary functions of the Board are carried on through its executive director who is charged with insuring the effective coordination of university activities with the Board, and who advises the Board and the presidents of the institutions on all “appropriate matters”.

4. Reservation of Power

The Board expressly reserves to itself the power to act on its own initiative in all matters affecting the institution. The Board is charged by law with full responsibility for governing the institutions under its jurisdiction. Although the Board properly and necessarily delegates certain authority to designated officers, it does not delegate its ultimate legal responsibility.

5. Conflict in Rules/Policies

If there is a conflict between an existing Board Rule or governing policy or procedure and an institutional procedure, the provisions of the governing policies and procedures apply.

6. University President as Chief Executive Officer

The chief executive officer of Idaho State University is the President. The President has full power and responsibility within the framework of the Board’s governing policies and procedures for the organization, management, direction and supervision of the University and is held accountable by the Board for the successful functioning of the institution in all of its units, divisions and services. The President is employed by and serves at the pleasure of the Board.

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