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Part 1. History and Status

Section I. History

D. The Modern Era

The last step in Idaho Stateís quest for university status occurred in 1963 when the Legislature passed and Governor Robert Smylie signed into law a bill creating Idaho State University. The University was charged to serve and give instruction to Idahoís students in four-year courses in the sciences, arts, and literature. The University was designated to grant the bachelorís and masterís degrees and with the approval of the State Board of Education, other degrees.

Idaho State University now serves approximately 9,000 students each academic year through its eight schools and colleges, as well as through its continuing education programs which are established throughout Southern Idaho.

While most of the Idaho State University students come from Southern Idaho all of Idahoís counties are normally represented in the Universityís enrollment, as well as most states and numerous countries, giving the University a distinctive cosmopolitan atmosphere.


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