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Appendix D. Employment Guidelines (Updated 5/02)

All employment at Idaho State University should either be permanently filled through formal hiring procedures or of a temporary nature according to the guidelines detailed below. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide equal access to University employment opportunities and to insure that University employment practices conform to State/Federal regulations. Exceptions to these guidelines must be approved by the President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, or the Vice President for Financial Services, based upon a recommendation and/or evaluation by the Director of Human Resources.

I. General

A. All appointments to positions (permanent, temporary, or student) must be processed through the ISU Office of Human Resources to insure compliance with University hiring practices and for the completion of necessary pre-employment documents.

B. Special attention must be given to all positions funded in full or part by direct or indirect federal funds as additional conditions may apply.

C. Faculty positions are not covered by these guidelines.

II. Classified Positions

A. Allowable temporary employment

1. Ongoing and/or intermittent employment of not more than nineteen (19) hours per week.

2. For no more than four and one half (4.5) months if employed for twenty (20) hours or more per week.

B. Temporary employees will not receive fringe benefits other than those mandated by law, i.e. FICA, unemployment compensation and workers compensation.

C. Permanent classified positions will be filled according to the regulations of the Idaho Division of Human Resources and Personnel Commission. This includes filling positions from a Division of Human Resources register. The ISU Director of Human Resources may approve exceptions when there is no valid Division of Human Resources register [five (5) or more eligible candidates] or there is a need for a short-term replacement, i.e. medical leave.

D. Temporary employment will not be used in place of Division of Human Resources and Personnel Commission regulations and/or to pre-select employees for permanent positions.

E. Temporary positions should be filled in cooperation with the ISU Office of Human Resources.

F. Pay for temporary employees will be at a rate equal to the entry level of the corresponding classified position. Exceptions to be approved by the ISU Director of Human Resources.

III. Nonclassified Positions

A. Nonclassified positions are administrative and/or professional positions which have been designated as apart from positions governed by the Idaho Division of Human Resources and Personnel Commission.

B. Salary levels to be established in cooperation with the ISU Office of Human Resources. Because of Idaho Division of Human Resources and Personnel Commission regulations, certain minimum salary levels may apply.

C. Guidelines applicable for temporary classified employees which apply for temporary nonclassified positions, II. A, B, D, and E.

IV. Student Employees

A. To be eligible for student employment, a student must be enrolled in at least six (6) credits. Students may be employed during the summer if pre-registered for the Fall Semester.

B. Undergraduate students enrolled in less than twelve (12) semester hours of credit and graduate students enrolled in less than nine (9) hours will be required to pay FICA (employee and employer) and unemployment compensation (employer). This also applies to non-enrolled student summer employees.

C. Student workers who fall below six (6) credit hours will be terminated from student employment. If continued employment is desired, individuals may be employed as a temporary employee following the guidelines detailed above.

D. No formal search process is required for employing student employees. Criteria for selection may include qualifications for the position, relationship to major/career plans and financial need. Assistance is available from the Office of Student Employment Services, Student Financial Aid (College Work Study Program) and ISU Office of Human Resources.

V. Other

Existing long-term temporary positions [twenty (20) hours per week or more] must become established as permanent positions as soon as possible through the State Board of Education and the Idaho Division of Human Resources, as appropriate. Placement of individuals in the position should be through the normal hiring procedures.

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