Computer Requirements

The ISU PA Program requires all students to have a laptop prior to courses beginning in the fall semester. Your laptop or tablet PC must meet the following specifications (DO NOT MAKE ANY SUBSTITUTIONS WITHOUT CONTACTING THE PA DEPT. TECHNOLOGY MANAGER AT 208-282-3254):

Operating System:

Windows 7, 8 or Mac

  • Please note that Mac support at both campuses and in the city of Pocatello is limited so ** bring at your own risk.** We still recommend PC over Mac if you are purchasing a new computer and not familiar with Mac computers.
Mandatory Software:
Storage Device: USB flash drive 4 Gb or more recommended
Wireless Card: "G" wireless standard (802.11g) card is required
WebCam (recommended): Internal or External
Browser Plugins:

Note: watch for additional applications being pre-selected to download on these screens. You may want to uncheck these options in order to avoid adding programs you don't want.


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