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  Contacting the Ombudsperson

The faculty obmuds office is currently vacant. Dr. John Gribas, who served in this position since 2005, has taken a role in the College of Arts and Letters Dean's office and, therefore, needed to step out of ombuds office duties.

Dr. Gribas extends his appreciation to the entire faculty community for extending their trust, confidence, and appreciation over these past eight years.

What to Bring to the Faculty Ombuds Office

It is not necessary to bring anything with you to the Faculty Ombuds Office. Sometimes it is helpful to have a "chronology of events," but this is by no means essential. If your concern is illustrated by a particular document (e.g., a letter, bill, or e-mail you received, etc.), feel free to bring it. While the ombudsperson may make copies of such documents, such materials will either be returned to you or destroyed when the matter is resolved or when the Faculty Ombuds Office is no longer involved in your situation.
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