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Brooke Barber
Director of Orientation, Leadership and Service
Phone: 282-2973

Kirsti Beck
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 282-2973

2014 Orientation Coordinators

Kayla Miller

Boise, Idaho
Senior, Exercise Science
Favorite campus tradition: Welcome Back Orange and Black!

What NSO meant to me: NSO helped me to fill in the blanks I still had on my mental map of campus before the year started.

Why I am excited for NSO 2014: I am excited to see all the new students who will be joining our ISU family. We have an enthusiastic team to put together NSO this year and I know that it's going to be a great event! There will be ample opportunities for new students to have questions answered, get to know the campus, and get to know other students.

Andy Rigenhagen

Nampa, Idaho
Junior, Accounting
Favorite campus tradition: Late Night Breakfast before exams!

What NSO meant to me: New Student Orientation was my chance, coming to a place where I knew literally no one but my parents, to make relationships that have lasted me to this day. NSO and the relationships I made there have been the key to my success at Idaho State.

Why I am excited for NSO 2014: I'm so excited that I get to be a part of a winning team! I believe that Orientation sets the tone for the new students and their level of buy-in here at Idaho State.

Jenny Ottaway

Pocatello, Idaho
Sophomore, Ecology and Conservation Biology
Favorite campus tradition: Walk Through the Arch!

What NSO meant to me: NSO showed me how much ISU has to offer and made me feel like I really did choose the right school!

Why I am excited for NSO 2014: I am beyond excited for NSO this year! I can't wait to show everybody how awesome ISU is and what a great choice they made by coming here.

Nicole Martin

Baltimore, MD
Senior, Sociology and Criminal Justice
Favorite campus tradition: Bingo!

What NSO meant to me: New Friends, new Opportunities, and new challenges all working towards a new goal and degree.

Why am I excited for NSO 2014: I am very ecstatic about getting to work with the community, be a contributor to ISU's campus, and welcome the newest incoming class of Bengals!

Rachel Bishop

Middleton, Idaho
Senior, Nursing
Favorite campus tradition: March Through the Arch!

What NSO meant to me: NSO helped me to become comfortable with campus, meet lots of friends, and it got me excited to be a Bengal.

Why I am excited for NSO 2014: I am excited to meet all of the new students and be a part of their first week at ISU!

Jessica Harrison

Rexburg, Idaho
Junior, Psychology and Leadership
Favorite campus tradition: March through the Arch!

What NSO meant to me: NSO helped me to start my college education on the right foot, and to be happy and excited doing it!

Why I am excited for NSO 2014: This year as an Orientation Coordinator, I am excited to be welcoming students to our University and to do all I can to make sure their experience here will be the best of their lives!

Katie Johnson

San Jose, CA
Senior, Exercise Science and Spanish for Health Professions
Favorite campus tradition: The Mud Run!

What NSO meant to me: NSO was my life raft as a freshmen. I was sacred to start school at a new place, in a new state with no one I knew and NSO gave me opportunities to get comfortable and meet people.

Why I am excited for NSO 2014: I am SO EXCITED about NSO this year because its going to be bigger than ever before and the best kickoff to the school year ever! I am ready to be on the team because I want to initiate games and activities that will build strong friendships fast and introduce the new freshmen to campus in one big jump-start event!

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