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NSO Questions

First Year Questions

Is Orientation mandatory?

New Student Orientation is not mandatory; but your attendance is EXPECTED. Research shows that students who participate in orientation programs are more likely to be successful in college and persist to graduation.

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What do I do if I need special accommodations?

You can request special accessibility services or meal requirements through our office at (208) 282-2973.

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What if I cannot attend New Student Orientation?

You are encouraged to rearrange your vacation or work obligations to make attendance at New Student Orientation a priority. Start your semester off with the foundation that Orientation provides.

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Why is there a fee for New Student Orientation?

All new students (freshman, transfers) are assessed a one-time mandatory $100 New Student Orientation fee in their first semester of enrollment, in addition to tuition charges and other fees. The mandatory orientation fee covers special services, staffing, meals/refreshments, materials and programs for new students during orientation that are not covered by regular operating funds.

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How do I pay my New Student Orientation fee?

Your $100 New Student Orientation fee will be assessed on your student account. You will simply pay this fee with your total bill through the Cashier’s Office or BengalWeb.

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Can I bring my parents and guests?

Parents and guests are welcome to attend orientation. Parents and family play a very important role in helping you transition as well as be successful in your college career. Parents and guests will be charged for their meals.

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SHIP is a health insurance plan designed just for Idaho State University students. Your school makes this plan available to protect your educational future. If you get sick or injured, insufficient health insurance can lead to financial hardships that can threaten your ability to attend class, pay tuition, get student loans, or live away from home. Having health insurance is a safety net that helps ensure you are able to stay in school, so you can graduate and achieve your professional goals. SHIP is available to the following students:

  • All full-time fee paying domestic undergraduate students enrolled in at least 12 credit hours
  • All full-time fee paying domestic graduate students enrolled in at least nine (9) credit hours
  • All international students enrolled in at least one (1) credit hour
  • All full-time 8-week session students enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours per session

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Yes, the Idaho State Board of Education policy requires full-time, full-fee paying students attending colleges and universities in Idaho to maintain adequate health insurance. The SBOE policy can be found at: (select: P. Students, item #16). International students must also have insurance due to federal visa requirements. If you have other insurance coverage, or if you are covered as a dependent under your parent’s or spouse’s insurance plan, and you do not wish to enroll in SHIP, you may submit a waiver application.

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An insurance waiver is an application that you fill out if you have other qualifying health insurance and do not wish to be enrolled in ISU SHIP. As part of the waiver process you are required to provide specific information about your insurance coverage, which must meet the waiver criteria. This information will be verified by the University or designated Waiver Administrator.

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If you have other coverage, which meets the waiver criteria, it is your decision whether or not to waive. However, here are some important things to consider first:

  • SHIP may be a cheaper alternative to being insured on an individual plan or as a dependent on an employer group plan through your parent or spouse. You should compare costs.
  • SHIP’s out-of-pocket costs may be much less than your other plan. SHIP has low copays and deductibles the savings could really add up!
  • SHIP has a local PPO provider network, plus access to the Student Health Center on campus is covered at 100% with no deductible or copays. If you have out of state coverage, or HMO or PPO coverage with a limited provider area, there may not be any network providers near school. You may have to pay higher out-of-network copays, deductibles or coinsurance.
  • Student Health Services does not bill private insurance. Patients who are not covered under SHIP will be responsible for payment at time of service and will have to submit a claim directly to their insurance company for reimbursement.

Please remember that if you waive coverage under SHIP, you are responsible for any medical costs you incur.

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Late Fall and Late Spring 8-Week Session students DO NOT waive online. Please contact the Insurance Office on campus at 1-208-282-2972 for information on how to waive SHIP.

Otherwise, if you are eligible to waive coverage under this plan, please visit and look for the waiver section. Once you enter the waiver application tool, follow these simple steps to submit your waiver application:

  1. Enter your last name, date of birth (DOB), and student ID number, then click "Login".
  2. On the next page, where the term of coverage is indicated as "available to waive", click "create".
  3. Please read the text on the next page, then check the "I understand and agree..." box if you agree to the terms and conditions, and click "continue".
  4. If you submitted an approved waiver in the previous term, your prior insurance information will be shown. If the information has not changed from last term, simply go to step #5 below. If the information has changed, or you do not have an approved waiver on record, you will be asked for information about your insurance plan. Please have your insurance ID card handy and enter the information exactly as it appears on your card. See below for definitions of terms.
  5. Click "Submit Petition." Shortly after you click submit, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your information.

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You will need to provide the following information about your insurance coverage:

Insurance Co. Name:
This is the name of the insurance carrier. Please select from the drop-down box. If your insurance carrier is not listed, please select "Other" and enter the full name of the company.
Insurance Co. Phone:
This is the customer service or provider phone number, usually found on your insurance ID card or the insurance company website, which we can call in order to verify that the information you have provided is accurate.
Primary Insured First:
This is the first name of the individual who is the primary insured on the plan. If you are insured through your parents, it’s either your mother or your father, depending on whose plan it is. If you are insured through your own employer, it’s your name. If you are covered under your spouse’s insurance plan, it’s your spouse’s name. It may also be listed as Subscriber, Member, or Enrollee on the insurance card.
Primary Insured Last:
This is the last name or surname of the individual who is the primary insured on the plan.
Primary Insured DOB:
This is the date of birth of the individual who is the primary insured on the plan (NOT the student’s date of birth).
Relationship to Primary Insured:
This is the student’s relationship to the primary insured. Please choose Self, Spouse (if your spouse is the primary insured), Child (if your parent is the primary insured), or Other Adult (if the primary insured is not yourself, spouse or parent).
Policy/Group Number:
This is a number found on the insurance ID card of your current health plan. It is different from the member number. It will be listed as Policy or Group Number, and may contain an alpha prefix (letters then numbers). Type it in exactly as it appears on the card.
Member/Sub ID:
This is a number found on the insurance ID card of your current health plan, sometimes referred to as a member or subscriber ID. It is different from the policy or group number. It is sometimes the Social Security Number of the policyholder. Type it in exactly as it appears on the card.
Are you an international student?:
Select "Yes" if you are an international student attending classes at ISU on a student visa. Otherwise, select "No".

Most of this information can be found on the insurance ID card. Other information can generally be found on the insurance company’s website. If you are covered under an employer plan, the employee can contact their employer’s Human Resources department or benefits department or the insurance carrier.

Please make sure the information you provide on your waiver application is accurate, as incorrect or incomplete information may cause your waiver application to be denied.The University or designated waiver administrator will verify information provided on waiver applications .

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Where do I get my student ID card?

ID card pictures can be taken in the Pond Student Union. It is very important to keep this card for the entire time you attend ISU as it serves as your library card, activity card, and meal card. Replacement cards cost $15.00.

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How much does a student computer account cost?

Spring and Fall semester fees are $35.00. *

The fee for Summer is $30.00. *

NOTE: In order to use a kiosk, laptop, or computer lab on campus, a student must have a current student computer account.

* prices subject to change

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What is ISU email?


Your ISU email is a primary line of communication from:

  • Professors
  • Financial Aid
  • Advisors
  • Classmates
  • Administrators
  • All fully admitted students are provided with an email account (email accounts will never expire).
  • The email address is their
  • Students must have internet access of some sort in order to access their email, either with a private ISP or an ISU computer account
  • Students may purchase a Computer account if they want to use campus computer equipment; labs, printers, kiosks, laptops, or wireless.

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