Alumni Feedback Form

Dear Graduate of the ISU CLS Program,
Congratulations upon completion of the ISU CLS Program. Wishing you all the best as you complete certification examinations and obtain employment.

Evaluation of the program is vital and is a NAACLS accreditation requirement. Could you take a few minutes to complete the following questions about the Course Content and Delivery of the Professional Block courses?

Information obtained will be used to evaluate the program effectiveness. Your responses will not be used to affect your grade in any course. This is a self evaluation and is confidential.

As you consider your responses about the COURSE CONTENT of the CLS PROGRAM, please use the following scale:

1 = Always
2 = Mostly
3 = 50-50
4 = Seldom
5 = Never

The ISU CLS Program Director will review your responses and make changes as needed in consultation with all outcome evaluation information.

Please keep in touch. We would like to know how you are doing. You are always welcome to come back to share your experiences with the CLS students and program. All the best!

Thank you very much for your time and input.

Sonja Nehr-Kanet
ISU CLS Program Director

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