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Associate of Science in Sign Language Studies

We are pleased to be offering the Sign Language Studies (Associate of Science) and Sign Language Interpreting (Bachelor of Science) degree programs at the ISU Meridian facility.

The Associate of Science (A.S.) degree in Sign Language Studies (SLS) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Sign Language Interpreting offered at ISU were developed to advance awareness and meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing students in educational settings.  Increased educational and certification requirements for educational interpreters have created a demand for colleges and universities to offer such degrees.  Upon successful completion of the SLS program, graduates are awarded an A.S. degree and are eligible to apply for the B.S. degree program in EdInterp.

Woman Signing "Learn"

Woman signing "learn"

The objective of the A.S. degree in SLS is to graduate students who have a thorough awareness of the culture of the Deaf and the sociolinguistic aspects of hearing loss.  The graduate of this program will have the ability to communicate conversationally with Deaf and hard of hearing signers.  They will have the ability to make ethically and culturally correct choices in signing environments.  An individual with an A.S. degree in SLS will be of great benefit to any organization where conversational communication with Deaf and hard of hearing individuals might occur.  While the graduate will not be trained to interpret in any environment, they will have the knowledge and awareness to secure qualified interpreting services should the situation necessitate such.

To obtain the A.S. degree in SLS, students need to be dually enrolled in Boise State University (BSU) OR the College of Western Idaho (CWI) AND Idaho State University (ISU).  Core requirements plus ASL I-IV may be taken at BSU or CWI while the other remaining program courses are taken at ISU’s Meridian facility or on-line. 

A.S. Degree Curriculum (pdf)

The objective of the Sign Language Interpreting program is to award degrees to individuals who have met requirements demonstrating sufficient signing and interpreting skills to foster educational and social enhancement of the lives of Deaf and hard of hearing children and adults.  Graduates of the program at ISU will be able to perform entry-level freelance and educational interpreting assignments. A graduate of this program will, with on-the-job experience and mentorship, be capable of attaining national certification.

More information on our Sign Language Interpreting Program
Course descriptions (pdf)

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