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Members and advisors of the math club hold colorful origami art which demonstrates mathematical principles
photo credit: Susan Duncan, University photographer
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Meeting Minutes

Meeting: December 2, 2014

Math/CS Club

The minutes from this meeting were as follows:

  1. Senior Sendoff
    • This was the main event at the meeting. We "sent off" Ted Delezene, a computer science major who will be graduating at the end of the fall semester.
    • Cupcakes and mathematical brainteasers were provided to all attendees.

Meeting: November 18, 2014

Math/CS Club

The minutes from this meeting were as follows:

  1. SMERF Talks
    • Our inaugural SMERF Talk was delayed due to there being issues obtaining the advertisement posters in a timely fashion. We are planning to have the first talk during the Spring 2015 semester.
    • We did receive the initial advertisement design, and we gave some feedback for how to improve it.
    • We are planning on soliciting speakers by having Jacob and Gerrit give an interview on the campus radio station.
    • We are also considering getting an article in the ISU newspaper for further promotion of the event.
  2. Club Board in Physical Science
    • We are planning on updating our club board that is in one of the cross-hallways on the third floor of Physical Science.
    • We are planning to take down the outdated materials that are currently displayed over Thanksgiving break.
    • The current plan is to then put new materials up during finals week.
  3. Senior Sendoff
    • We will be "sending off" Ted Delezene during our next meeting on December 2. He will be graduating at the end of the Fall 2014 semester and we wish him all the best in his endeavors.

Meeting: November 4, 2014

Math/CS Club

The minutes from this meeting were as follows:

  1. Our coffee maker is in the math lounge now, so anyone in the club can use it if they so choose. It is in one of the lockers in the Math Lounge.
  2. Inaugural SMERF Talk
    • The first SMERF talk will be taking place in Rendezvous Room 122, from 6:30 - 7:30pm on Wednesday, Nov. 12
    • We discussed ramping up our advtertisement of the event by getting a mention in the Student Bulletin Board email that is sent out to students on a weekly basis.
    • We also discussed contacting other club leaders and professors in order to get them to tell their members/students about the talks.

Meeting: October 23, 2014

Math/CS Club

The minutes from this meeting were as follows:

  1. Our main activity at this meeting was making Froebel stars. Visiting Assitant Professor Briana Foster-Greenwood brought the materials and provided guidance on how to fold these stars.
  2. We also got an update about the SMERF talks from the president. He said time has been very scarce, between midterms and mounds of homework, but that the club should still be able to hold one talk this semester. He will continue working on this to make sure it happens.

Meeting: October 7, 2014

Math/CS Club

The minutes from this meeting were as follows:

  1. SMERF Talks (Science, Math, Engineering, and Related Fields)
    • We are planning on the first talk being on November 12, a Wednesday night at 6:00pm, in one of the rooms in Rendezvous.
    • The presentation length will be 3 speakers, each presenting for approximately 10 minutes each.
    • We also discussed the possibility of recording the talks and posting them to YouTube.
    • Jacob reached out to other math related clubs about the possibility of getting some speakers, but he has not heard back yet from any of them.
    • Some other possible speakers in the spring would be the Math Modeling contest particpants.
    • There was heated debate about the name for these talks, but SMERF talks won out over TATER Talks.
  2. Science and Engineering Festival in the Spring
    • Jacob updated the club about his progress on the Sound of Numbers program he is working on, where the children would be able to type in numbers and functions, and then have them converted into musical notes.
  3. Mathematics Board
    • We discussed the need to get the board updated, possibly doing so during an upcoming club meeting.
  4. Fliers and Advertisements
    • Gerrit was assigned to be in charge of getting fliers created for advertising future club events, and club meetings in general.

Meeting: September 22, 2014

Math/CS Club

The minutes from this meeting were as follows:

  1. We started off by dicussing plans for the annual Career Panel. Some possible places to hold it included the Portneuf Brewery and College Market. We also discussed what researc areas we would like to have speakers discuss, which included:
    • Actuarial work
    • Nuclear engineering research
    • Cybersecurity research.
    If have a specific area you would like discussed, please contact us and we'll see if we can arrange that.
  2. We then discussed the possibility of holding a campus-wide programming competition, possibly offering a scholarship for the winner.
  3. Our main point of discussion at this meeting was of a regular evening lecture series, designed to get undergraduates interested and partcipating in math and science related fields. Some key characteristics include:
    • Collaboration with other clubs and majors to get speakers for these interdisciplinary talks.
    • The talks must relate to mathematics in some way.
    • The tentative title of these talks is the University Conversation Hour (UCH).
    • The target audience would be 100 to 200 level students.
  4. We also discussed the clubs purpose, which is to get people to be less "afraid" of and more interested in mathematics.
  5. We also discussed club dues, which are $5 for full membership for the year. Please pay the treasurer, Orlando.

Meeting: September 5, 2014

Math/CS Club

The minutes from this meeting were as follows:

  1. We started off by completing some of the annual paperwork.
  2. The president, Jacob, presented an interesting 3D graphics problem he has been working on. It entailed how to draw a three dimensional object onto a two dimensional screen.
  3. We then discussed what we should be using our club funds for. Some of the ideas included:
    • Bowling
    • Laser tag
    • A new refrigerator for the math lounge
    • Other enhancements to the math lounge
  4. We discussed some possible projects for our Raspberry Pi. Some of the ideas included:
    • Creating a screen made out of Christmas lights and then program a festive game that could be played on it.
    • Make a 3D printer and attach the Pi to control it.
    • Create mathematical music by using functions that correspond to musical notes and then get played back.
  5. Dr. Kriloff then presented a video on Menger Sponge Slices.
  6. The secretary, Marko, showed a prototype for a redesign of the club website.
  7. Dr. Kriloff also brought Wuzzits Trouble to our attention. It is a video game that is being used to teach math.

Meeting: Feb 6, 2014

Math/CS club

This meeting we mainly discussed the career fair.

  1. Ted will pick up the banner at Fed-Ex.
  2. We discussed the activities for the Raspberry Pi. Ted will try to get a Wolfram Alpha package loaded on it with demos forthe fair.
  3. For a career panel board we came up with the following possibilities:
    • An actuary
    • Applied mathematician
    • Computer scientist possibly from INL
    • High school teacher
After the discussion, we made platonic solids with the modeling kits, and discussed their properties. Later Dr. Kriloff provided a link with additional details pertaining to our discussion: http://www.ams.org/samplings/feature-column/fc-2014-02

Meeting: Jan 26, 2014

Math/CS club

Here are the minutes for the first Math/CS club meeting of the new year. I will be posting new minutes shortly after meetings.

  1. Meetings will be held in the Math Department math lounge (PS 327). Meetings will be held every other thursday 4pm. If anybody has any conflicts with the meeting time, please let us know, and we'll see what we can do.
  2. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, Feb 6th
  3. We decided that we will get a table at the involvement fair on Feb 12th to recruit for the Math/CS club.
  4. Tentative date for a career panel board is March 6th. We need 4 to 5 individuals to speak at the panel. We discussed candidates to speak.
  • We discussed having an activity for Pi day, and agreed that it would be good to get a Raspberry Pi and do some activity on it. We also decided it would be good to display something math related on it for the involvement fair.

  • Meeting: August 26th, 2011

    Hello all,

    Here are the minutes for the first Math/CS club meeting of the new year. I will try to keep these going and getting them posted with 24 hours of a meeting.

    1. Meetings will be held in the Math Department, either in the conference room, or the math lounge (PS 327). Meetings will be held on Friday's at 4pm, typically every other Friday. If anybody has any conflicts with the meeting time, please let us know, and we'll see what we can do.
    2. The next meeting will be held on Friday, September 9th
    3. Tentative date for an inter-club laser-tag event is September 23th. Location TBD. The clubs that we will be contacting to try to plan this event with are Econ, Physics, and Chemistry.
    4. We decided that we will try to get a table at the Major/Minor fair and represent both Math and CS programs, as well as recruit for the Math/CS club.
    5. Tentative date for a career panel board is November 9th. We need 4 to 5 individuals to speak at the panel. We agreed that we would try to get the following to speak:
      1. A Teacher
      2. An Actuary
      3. Possibly a Tiger Team individual from INL, or another INL professional
      4. An engineer/scientist from local industry, possibly an individual from Simplot
      5. Dr. Derryberry has offered to be the 5th person to speak
    6. Possible activities that were discussed for the year are:
      1. Lectures, guest lecturers
      2. Movies, sci-fi/nerdy or math-related. Suggested idea is 'King of Kong'.
      3. Oragami
    7. We are taking movie ideas to compile and vote on for one of the next couple meetings. (Claire suggests Tron) ;)
    8. This year we are also trying to do a slightly stronger recruiting push in both the Math and CS areas.
    We had quite a few people show up at yesterday's meeting, but no new faces. The officers for the year are Jeremy Farrell as President, Claire Chow as Vice-President/Public Relations, and myself as Secretary/Web Maintenance. Jeremy and myself will be splitting the Treasurer responsibilities. Also, Dr. Derryberry is the new faculty advisor for the club this year. If anybody else has anything else to add to this, please feel free to reply to the mailman list. I will be posting these minutes on the website, and I will be working to keep the website up to date and accurate. That being said, if anyone sees a discrepancy on the webpage (give me a couple days to work on it), please email me. Otherwise, let's make this a great year for the club, and a great year for everyone's academics!

    Meeting: September 9th, 2011

    Math/CS club

    Friday, September 09, 2011

    Erik suggested a possible activity - an iterated Prisoners dilemma contest.

    Folks in Computer Science and Economics could be particularly interested in this activity. Faculty members Greg Green (who teaches game theory) and Philosophy lecturer William McCurdy might be especially interested in helping boost this activity.

    Laser Tag (and miniature golf) event - Outer limits:

    Some ground rules

    i) Food costs should be split proportionate to club size with all food shared.
    ii) Each club handles the tickets for their regular members in whatever manner they choose.
    iii) Newbees/recruits pay their own way, but get free food , all clubs splitting the cost equally.
    iv) Program setting should be set to focus on hunting rather than "capture the flag" and to discourage "farming the base".
    v) All should try to be there by 5:45 Friday September 23 to register.

    What to say at recruiting

    General comments about Math/CS club- we meet every other week, we often have pizza or snacks. Some of our big events are movies and a career panel. This Friday (September 23) we will have a Laser tag/miniature golf event at the Outer Limit from 6:30 - 7:30. Registration at 5:45. This will be a joint event with the Chemistry, Physics, and Economics clubs.

    Although you must pay for your own ticket ( $10), free food will be provided by the clubs.

    Recruitment schedule

    Calc 2: 8 am - Michael*; noon - Jeremy; 5:30pm Damon

    DE 9 am: Dr. D

    Linear Algebra: 10 am Jeremy; 11 am : Claire

    Calc 3: 1 pm(?) Garrett; 7pm Dr. D

    326: Garrett

    *Michael McGregor agreed to cover this class because he is in it. In addition to any of these classes we are specifically targeting feel free to talk to any of your classes that are Math or CS related.
    Also anyone that is planning on coming please email (farrjere@isu.edu) me by Wednesday September 21, 2011.

    Meeting: October 7th, 2011

    Career Panel will be on November 9th, 2011 between 6pm and 9pm at Portneuf Valley Brewery in the upstairs loft.

    Much advertising will need to be done to hopefully get a full turn-out to this event.

    Claire will be taking care of advertising on ISU's weekly bulletin email.

    Claire will also be generating flyers to be posted around pertinent areas of campus.

    Flyers will be posted in the following departments/buildings by the following members:

    • Math Department - Matt
    • Geological Sciences - Damen
    • Physics Department - Erik
    • Chemistry Department - Doug
    • Library - Garrett
    • Lillibridge Engineering Building - Michael

    Before posting any flyers in the preceding departments/buildings, please obtain the permission of the appropriate administrative staff for that area.

    This website is maintained by the G2 Math/CS Club. If you have suggestions, comments, or questions please write to Ted.