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Members and advisors of the math club hold colorful origami art which demonstrates mathematical principles
photo credit: Susan Duncan, University photographer
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Upcoming Events:

  • Career Panel: Thursday March 6, 6-8pm, location: College Market 604 S. 8th
  • Panelists include:
    1. Jay Call, Actuarial Analyst, Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. of ID
    2. May Robin, Cyber Security Researcher, INL
    3. Dr. Dennis Stowe, Professor of Mathematics, ISU
    4. Gerhard Strydom, R&D Scientist: Reactor Physics Analysis and Design, INL
    5. John Thompson, Software Architect, Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. of ID
  • Dinner is free for members, $7.00 for everyone else.



    Next Meeting : TBA Math Lounge (PS 327)

    President: Michael Schultz
    Rain Yiran Wang
    Orlando Carrillo
    Secretary: Ted Delezene
    Advisor: Dr. Cathy Kriloff








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