MATH 1199-AMP  -  Accelerated Mathematics Placement, 3 cr.*, F,S

Effective AF16


This course functions partly as a course and partly as a placement tool. Students who take this course will work at their own individual pace, using ALEKS computer software, to master topics taught in MATH 0015 (Prealgebra), MATH 0025 (Introductory Algebra), MATH 1108 (Intermediate Algebra), MATH 1143 (College Algebra) and MATH 1144 (Trigonometry).

After completing and passing the individual course modules, students will receive course equivalent placement. *This course is not eligible for academic credit but does count for purposes of credit load. (For example, if you are required to take 12 credits in a semester for purposes of financial aid, then this course counts as 3 credits toward your credit load. However, you will not receive 3 credit toward the number of credits you need in order to graduate.)


Mastery is sequential, meaning that the student must learn the course material in the correct order beginning with: MATH 0015 ~ MATH 0025 ~ MATH 1108 ~ MATH 1143 ~ MATH 1147. Ultimately, attaining mastery is equivalent to taking the course. (For example, if  you finish the MATH 1199AMP course with a master of MATH 1143, you may take any class that has MATH 1143,or lower-level math class. as a prerequisite.)

Placement Assessment:

  • After completing ALEKS modules at a particular level, e.g. MATH 0025, you are eligible to take a mastery level exit exam for the MATH 0025 material.

  • You will not be allowed to take the mastery exam without first completing the ALEKS module (the MATH 0025 assignment, quizzes, etc..)

  • Achieving mastery level on an exit exam means passing the exam at 90% or better.


  • MATH 1100-AMP is Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory with the transcript indicating the Placement Assessment.

Recording of Math Placement level:

  • Midterm Placement:  At the 8-week mark, your transcript will show a Placement Assessment that indicates what mathematics level you have mastered at that point. For example, if you have mastered the topics covered through MATH 1108, this placement level will be recorded so that you may register for any course that has MATH 1108 as a prerequisite.

  • Final Placement:  At the end of the course, your transcript will show a second Placement Assessment indicating your mathematics mastery level. For example, if MATH 1143 mastery has been achieved, then the final placement will recognize that you have met the prerequisite for any course that has a prerequisite of MATH 1143 or lower.


  • The grading for MATH 1199-AMP is Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory with the transcript indicating the Placement Assessment.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • This course is for students who took a placement exam and tested in to courses below MATH 1170 (Calculus I).


If you have questions about this course, please email the Coordinator for this course, Randa Kress, at:


**Note: Effective Fall 2017, the course number for this course will change from 'MATH 1199AMP' to 'MATH 0090'


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